Edinburgh College hosts British Council conference

Twenty-seven international delegates from all over the world came to Edinburgh College for a British Council conference focusing on sharing occupational standards, qualifications and qualification frameworks.
The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in Jordan, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in the United Arab Emirates, and British Council Uzbekistan were among the organisations that attended the British Council Developing Occupational Standards conference, which was hosted by the college’s International Development team.
During the conference, the group of international delegates heard from the college’s International director Emma Meredith, Jonny Pearson, head of the Centre for Health, Wellbeing and Social Sciences, and John Laing, head of the Institute of Construction and Building Crafts. Emma introduced Edinburgh College’s strategy for the future to work with students and staff to deliver a prosperous economy, while Jonny discussed the team’s plan to introduce a four-month industry placement for lecturers, to ensure they are up to date with industry developments with the overarching aim of embedding quality into the heart of the college.
The crucial importance of occupational standards was highlighted by John in his open discussion on how skills standards are used and upheld at Edinburgh College. As an example, John took the international delegates through the educational and training journey of the average construction and building crafts apprentice at Edinburgh College.  Delegates were interested in the stringent checks throughout every stage of apprenticeship, as well as how high-quality standards are upheld. Delegates also discussed the importance of checking and vetting placement providers, to ensure students are given the best possible learning experience during their apprenticeships.
Emma Meredith, Edinburgh College’s International director, said: “Edinburgh College is always delighted to welcome guests from around the world. Sharing best practice with international colleagues and discussing how we can support skills development overseas are key international objectives.
Following the interactive conference, the group of international delegates were invited to a networking break in the college’s on-campus restaurant, The Apprentice, and were then given a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities at Granton campus.  The conference gave an invaluable opportunity to put Edinburgh College on the world’s stage and to showcase and share best practice.