eLearning to Re-energize Corporate Training Programs

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Dan Strongin of managenaturally.com, has teamed up with Coggno.com, a leading online learning management system provider, to publish powerful and pragmatic eLearning resources for Corporate Training Programs, and Entrepreneurs.

USA and Brazil., December 13, 2013 - (PressReleasePoint) - Today, Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE, announced he is publishing eLearning tutorials on Coggno.com, to address the need for relevant, effective, experienced-based training methods for corporate training programs. These classes, available 24/7 on desktop, laptop and other mobile devices, offer a surprisingly effective alternative to the mass-market fare featured on most eLearning websites.

In an ever changing and increasingly mobile business environment, Entrepreneurs, HR and Corporate Training Managers need online training and development resources that  yield effective results. Seeing the opportunity for relevant, reality-tested eLearning solutions, Dan Strongin, a long time consultant and strategic marketing guru for State Marketing Boards and Value Added Businesses, has formulated an online training method that goes beyond compliance, academic indoctrination, and marketing flash to provide immediate bottom line relief through time-tested, pragmatic and effective solutions for real world business problems.
“Too many eLearning resources for corporate training programs are furnished by people with very little real world business experience, so they end up teaching 19th century solutions for 21st century problems,” Mr. Strongin says, ”things the business community have long since abandoned.”
The first course is free!  “Income Statement Secrets Revealed” is a primer on the most important financial statements, but not for accountants. It is for those who operate and manage the business. It covers what is required by the GAAP, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, which is surprisingly little, as well as the pitfalls that lie in wait when y-o-u use a financial report to provide y-o-u with the information y-o-u need to operate a business, including: flawed averages, misleading percentages and limited comparisons
At about an hour of video in seven short training modules, it is the prerequisite for the in depth course “How to “Visualize” Reports to Better Understand, Predict and Manage”, with more than 5 hours of video and other documents, in 33 short training modules, available in either a 3 month or 12 month license. This course teaches how to master data trapped In rows and columns, transforming it into multi-dimensional visual reports that provide deep context for instant actionable understanding of what matters.
“In-depth, the two combined teach all y-o-u need to know to master the secret of presenting data visually, revealing the meaning, in context, in minutes,” Mr. Strongin adds, “Having been there, and done that for decades, .I. stay away from what doesn’t work, to focus on what does: The secrets few people know about, that drive some of the most profitable companies in the world.
Next courses will include Strategic Marketing, Leadership, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Predictive Statistics, Shelf Management and Merchandising for Retail, the Tools of Quality, and Creating a Production System that Works, among others, including a 24 course, programmatic training program for supervisory development, based on the training developed by the Department of Defense during and after the Second World War.
Act NOW: get the FREE course, Income Statement Secrets Revealed: HERE
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Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE
Manage Naturally
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