Evervue launches the first ever Smart Vanity Mirror called "QAIO"

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Evervue’s QAIO offers attractive point of sales displays for Do-It-Yourself stores, Electronic Stores, Bathroom stores, Home Furnishing stores, and Department stores. QAIO is easy to install, convenient, and leave a lasting impression. With QAIO, retailers are not just adding another mirror to the stores; they are showcasing the future of the bathroom vanity mirror. They are simply adding a completely new product category to the stores that will excite their customers.

Newport Beach, CA - Friday, July 6, 2018

Evervue USA Inc., a world leader in advanced mirror technology since 2001, launches its newest addition to their revolutionary products called “QAIO.”
QAIO is a hybrid of mirror and smart home technology that let people connect with their smart devices, watch the latest news and movies, get updates on the stocks, see who is at the front door, or get the ideal light for women's makeup.

QAIO has a built in Full HD Camera and Microphone which can be unplugged if desired, for privacy. It also has 4K Ultra HD resolution on selected models with TV ranging from 12.1” to 98”. 

Designed for easy installation (30 minutes), QAIO comes standard with an additional 12.1” panel. This display can show local weather, stocks, transit-time to work, reminders and news.
Online navigation is easier with its wireless keyboard, along with Alexa Voice Control and touch screen.

From sunlight to office light, from living room light to candle light, QAIO True Light Technology offers the full spectrum between 2700K and 6300K so people can set the right light tone when applying makeup in different simulated environments. 
With built in Night Light with motion sensor, they can go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with ease. 

QAIO is currently in mass production and open for retailers to add a new product category that will excite and engage their customers.  
For more information about QAIO Smart Vanity Mirror, please visit https://www.myqaio.com/

About Evervue USA Inc.:
Evervue USA Inc. is transforming the way consumers use their bathroom vanity mirror for a smarter bathroom experience. The company is redefining the realm of Bathroom TVs, Mirror TVs, Kitchen TVs and Outdoor TVs. With subsidiaries worldwide, Evervue products are installed in many hotels and continues to delight guests with it’s unique hospitality solutions.

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