Evolving American-Japanese Relations Under The Looming Threat of China

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With Rep. Luke Messer, Lenny Ben-David, Bill Gertz, Fred Gedrich

Rep. Luke Messer (IN-6) discusses the relationship between the U.S. and Japan in light of increasingly aggressive behavior from China, and how under Obama’s leadership the U.S. might not be able or willing to come to calls of help from American allies in the region.

Our allies are watching too and understand that, based on the leadership of this president, we may not be quick to help.

On today’s show:

Rep. LUKE MESSER, Indiana’s 6th District:

  • Japan’s changing defense policy and the current US-Japanese relationship
  • Proposed IPO move to the U.S. Market by Alibaba, a company with known ties to the Chinese government
  • Israeli-American relations in light of the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas
LENNY BEN-DAVID, former Deputy Chief of Mission for Israel’s embassy in Washington, DC:
  • Hamas’s decision to order civilians to serve as human shields on houses identified as targets for Israeli air strikes
  • Evaluating the wisdom of relinquishing Gaza to the Palestinians
  • Questioning the notion that Fatah can be a viable partner for peace
  • The prospect for the use of ground forces to neutralize threats to Israel in Gaza
BILL GERTZ, of the Washington Free Beacon and Washington Times:
  • Rundown on two new parts to the Chinese military build up: Scramjet technology and a next generation nuclear attack submarine
  • Comments made by a US official indicating that the Chinese will be given access to US electric infrastructure
  • US policy towards Iraq and the Islamic State
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