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“Latest from the home security alarm industry. “Technological innovations have improved security alarm systems in USA.”


Katy, Houston, USA., July 3, 2018 - (PressReleasePoint) - Home security system innovations are changing customer experience all across the US. Many home alarm companies are updating their equipment and monitoring systems to improve their services. With latest technology, it has become possible to avoid false alarms, rid from tamper activities and port home security equipment from one place to another. Innovation has improved security systems today that are unbeatable, unconquerable and offer more reliability.

Home security alarm industry is built around the concept to provide excellent home protection and safety to homeowners and communities. But latest home alarms are a step ahead, they not only offer security but also ensure home safety and state-of-the-art equipment that can help better manage homes and properties. Smart home energy devices such as smart plugs, smart thermostats and smart bulbs are three main examples of equipment that can help save time and energy in a better way. Integration of these devices in a home alarm system can also help deter burglars and other property criminals away.

Although there are many innovative features of home security alarm systems that can be discussed, but most exciting and trendy characteristics of new security systems are Geo-fencing and Crash & Smash proof equipment Technology.

Geo-fencing is a remote service, which utilizes a smartphone’s GPS to identify homeowner's presence automatically. When the app is allowed to identify location, and if the homeowner is near the home within set radius, it turns the “Home” mode on and unlocks the doors and unarms the system. And vice versa, turning the ‘away’ mode on, if one is out of set radius. Using this, one can set the alarm system according to the needs. One gets complete control of their home and property with this new feature without even touching anything. The “Home” mode can turn on the lights, unlock the doors and unarm the security system on arrival. One can also add “Sleep” mode and manage home when asleep.

The next generation home security alarm systems also offer crash and smash protection feature. With a crash and smash protection device, one can beat all the burglar tricks whether they break open the home by defeating the home security system etc., because the alarm system will still trigger the alarm and will notify the authorities.

The ‘crash and smash’ feature technique is pretty simple which works on Z-Wave technology. So, even if burglars target the security panel and triy to stop it from sending signals to the monitoring station, all the efforts are surely going to end up in vain.

Latest home security technology makes sure the security alarm system still works even if the security panel is smashed.

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