ExtremeCap U3 and YouTube updates let users record to Macs and upload in 1080p 60fps

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the global leader in digital multimedia technology, announced a major change to its popular USB 3.0 capture card, ExtremeCap U3: Mac compatibility.

Taipei, Taiwan, July 03, 2014 -(PressReleasePoint)- AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., the global leader in digital multimedia technology, announced a major change to its popular USB 3.0 capture card, ExtremeCap U3: Mac compatibility. Via either HDMI or component inputs, ExtremeCap U3 can record content at 1080p 60fps. The new Mac compatibility is a feature that gamers in particular may find useful. Through AVerMedia’s exclusive software RECentral for Mac, record directly from any gaming console, camcorder, or other video sources to your Mac. With this feature, ExtremeCap U3 is suitable for amateur filmmakers, DSLR users, avid gamers, and more.

Because ExtremeCap U3 can capture and record directly from Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and WiiU, this capture card represents an invaluable addition to any gameplay accessories. RECentral for Mac enriches the experience by letting users record directly to Macs after downloading the driver and application from the GamerZone website. For convenience, the RECentral for Mac version created for ExtremeCap U3 comes with a USB 3.0 diagnostic tool allowing gamers to better assess their USB 3.0 compatibility.

In light of YouTube’s newest features, both gamers and general users will find ExtremeCap U3 a powerful resource. One key addition is the support for 48fps and 60fps videos on YouTube. ExtremeCap U3 users can upload directly to YouTube in 1080p 60fps without affecting the frame rate, all while retaining sharp video quality. Evange Chuang, marketing director at AVerMedia Technologies, said, “We understand that user-created content is a work of dedication and care, so AVerMedia continuously strives to bring them newer ways to share content. We’re happy that ExtremeCap U3 corresponds so fittingly with the updated feature from YouTube.”

For other uses, ExtremeCap U3 can capture and record from HD camcorders or any other HD video sources. Filmmakers shooting from DSLR cameras, which restrict videos to 30 minutes, can use ExtremeCap U3 to bypass the time limitation without compromising the sleek video quality of 1080p 60fps. As a result, ExtremeCap U3 preserves motion smoothness while providing twice the amount of frames for more refined video editing, compared to the normal 1080p 30fps of most capture cards.

The new RECentral for Mac, the capture ability of 1080p 60fps, and the latest YouTube update all establish ExtremeCap U3 as a comprehensive solution for capturing and recording. With the introduction of RECentral for Mac, Mac users in particular can now maximize their use of ExtremeCap U3 to record video and audio, as well as upload and share to YouTube in 1080p 60fps. For gamers, DSLR users, and more, AVerMedia’s USB 3.0 capture card ExtremeCap U3 represents an essential solution for capturing and recording.

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