EZMCOM launches MSIGN: Mobile PKI Platform

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EZMCOM's MSIGN platform lets mobile phone users securely authenticate themselves, digitally sign documents & data and confirm legally binding transactions by entering a self-chosen PIN.

The Mobile Sign offering uses two-channel, two-factor authentication based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), combining an over-the-air platform with a java software client on the phone.
MSIGN empowers Customer (b2c, b2b and G2b) with cost effective and simplified approach for conducting legal transactions.

According to Anupam Ratha, Chief Technology Officer – “MSIGN platform will make hardware tokens redundant and obsolete. There is no additional Hardware to carry, No Inventory and Logistic costs. More importantly, User is not bound to a computer for approving transactions or signing documents, with MSIGN user can be anywhere and do the needed approval from their phone. Third key advantage is, it is GREEN. We are first company in the world to have - Earth Friendly PKI Tokens.”

End to End Platform - Customer is enabled with complete Mobile PKI certificate management and digital signatures. It plugs itself with various International Certificate Authorities (CAs) to issue commercial digital certificates. MSIGN Gateway (backend platform) provides MSIGN Client provisioning, activation, certificate issuance and usage. Each communication between Application and mobile is through application level digital signed and enveloped Data to ensure complete channel is protected and no Man-in-the-Middle attack compromises the transaction. MSIGN is independent of Mobile Operators and leverages on all underlining communication media - SMS, 3G, WiMax Wifi etc.

Vikram Sareen, President - Business Development stated – “EZMCOM is partnering with various CAs and Security VARs to offer MSIGN to their customers. We have already signed up with few banks in Asia Pacific Region where mobile phone penetration & user's acceptance to applications is higher. MSIGN for Corproate Banking Work flows is becoming very hot. We are also partnering with National CA to offer this new technology to private and public sector.”

Vikram also added – “Today's consumers always have one device with them - their mobile phone - iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC etc. Phone is simplifying our personal and social life. Enabling people to conveniently sign legally-valid transactions is opening up a whole range of new applications for the mobile, at the service of citizens and users. This is EZMCOM's MSIGN objective - Simplify Security by innovation.”

To know more about MSign, pls e-mail us at msign@ezmcom.com

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