Fiendishly complex password app extension ships for iOS 8

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Comment: This s twist to boost up security passwords by incorporating a extension within the application to strengthen the password.


By Richard Chirgwin, 31 Jul 2014


AgileBits wants more apps to use 1Password's strong passwords, and has released an extension on github to that end.

The idea is that app developers can grab the extension, write a few lines of code into their apps, and allow their app users to create strong passwords during registration.


Naturally, this would also push users towards 1Password, since it will offer storage of the generated passwords to registered users, and push them back out to web forms as required.

All that's required of the app developer is that they include two files – OnePasswordExtension.h and OnePassWordExtension.hh – in their projects, add the relevant button to their view, and set the button to call the extension method.

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