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Melbourne, Victoria – August 1st, 2009 -- Fan’s of the hit TV series, Burn Notice, are flocking to an Australian website called Happy Cow. Happy Cow sells “belts and bags for people on the go” - fashionable travel packs, waist packs, hip bags and money belts are just some of the items available on their Melbourne-based website.


Burn Notice enthusiasts have been searching social networking sites and search engines for a Belt Bag similar to the one worn by Fiona (played by Gabrielle Anwar) on the popular television series. “Ever since started advertising Happy Cow as the place to buy Fiona’s Hip Bag, sales have been through the roof” says Justin Snyder, founder of

Happy Cow’s Hip Bag is considered to be the closest available product for sale (the original belt used in the show was made as a one-off). The Hip Bags are handmade from 100% recycled leather and sell for only $69.99 USD (approximately $100 AUD).

Like all Happy Cows’ belts, the Hip Bag was made as an alternative to carrying a bag. The Hip Bag features an adjustable belt, mobile phone pocket, Ipod/camera pocket and three lined zip pockets. It can be threaded through pants just like a normal belt.
The belts are popular amongst everyone from travelers to people who just want to organise their belongings and keep their hands free at the same time.

Happy Cow uses a unique method of obtaining the leather that does not encourage the mass-breeding of animals. Happy Cow sources all its leather from furniture manufacturers. “Often surplus leather is too small to be used for making furniture, but we can still use it to make belts. This is the secret to how we can sell our belts so cheap” explains Justin, a strict vegetarian. “It also means each belt is unique.”

According to the United Nations website, the mass-breeding of farm animals is responsible for over 20% of global warming. So buying recycled leather helps the planet and a few cows from the slaughterhouse. It is a guilt-free purchase that is also a very practical way to carry your belongings.

Gone are the days of wondering where you left your wallet or constantly readjusting your handbag. And with more designs being released all the time, Happy Cow has something for all tastes whether or not you’re a Burn Notice fan.
Happy Cow’s leather belts can be found at and in selected stores in the United States and Australia.

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