First cohort to graduate IEC's Master of Energy Studies

The International Energy Centre celebrates its first cohort to successfully complete the Master of Energy Studies and becoming its first domestic and international Alumni.

9 students (5 domestic and 4 international) graduated last Thursday at The University of Queensland - the first graduating cohort since the program's launch in 2012.  This is a significant milestone for the graduating cohort, as well as for the International Energy Centre.

Over the last years (1,5 full-time, 3 part-time) our students have seen an exceptionally wide range of energy technologies, systems and environments, they met with a wide range of industry executives, academics and representatives, have travelled and hopefully made new friendships and have a broader, deeper and circumspect understanding of the overall energy sector. 

IEC CEO Tim McLennan says he is "confident the newly graduates will all be thought leaders and help charter more considered and better decisions in the organisations they become involved in and will be International Energy Leaders."