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Mohali, Punjab, India., November 16, 2015 - (PressReleasePoint) -

Chubears & Gapco Healthcare: Providing Millions Of Indian Children With Life-Changing Vitamins.
The findings of a childhood health and nutrition study conducted by Ritu G and Ajay Gupta in India in 2014, are shocking. Focusing specifically on Indian children and adolescents, the study shows that vitamin D deficiency in India’s children is staggeringly high. Affecting 70% - 100% of children and adolescents in both rural and urban areas, vitamin D deficiency was highlighted as a ticking time bomb, one which is destined to manifest itself in coming years in everything from explosions in rickets and early onset osteoporosis, to cardiovascular disease, diabetes & cancer.
Deficiencies in essential vitamins including vitamin D in particular are the most pressing future burden on the Indian health care system. Whether rich or poor, Indian kids simply aren’t getting the vitamins which they need now, for them to be able to prosper in the future. However, there is an answer on the horizon.
Chubears: The Solution That Simply Works
A renowned pediatrician, Dr. Gaurav Gupta from Chandigarh, Punjab, has been witnessing the effects of vitamin and specifically vitamin D deficiency in Indian children throughout his career. That’s why he and Gapco Healthcare are attempting to tackle India’s vitamins crisis head on, by making vitamins and essential micro-nutrients available to children throughout India in the form of Chubears, delicious sweet treats containing between 50% and 100% of all 9 essential vitamins which Indian children are most commonly deficient in.
“I had an epiphany,” Dr Gupta has said in regard to him creating Chubears. “Many proactive parents buy expensive multivitamin gummies for kids from abroad. Unfortunately, there remains a concern as to whether these foreign gummies are of high quality (many contain gelatin & artificial colors) and do they fulfill the requirements of the Indian child?
Chubears in this case, are the only daily multivitamin supplements available on the Indian subcontinent which are completely vegetarian, completely natural (do not contain any GMO or chemical ingredients) and completely gluten, gelatin and dairy free. Following guidelines created by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP), it’s Dr Gupta and Gapco Healthcare’s hope that Chubears can directly help combat India’s looming vitamins crisis, by making affordable, tasty vitamin supplements available to everyone regardless of cost, diet, or socio-religious belief.
Of course, there is still a long way to go, but at least Pediatrician’s like Dr Gaurav Gupta are already attempting to tackle India’s vitamins problem head on. Even better, for every Chubears purchase, 1 Rupee is currently being donated by Dr Gupta and Gapco Healthcare to Nanhi Jaan, a charity specializing in the provision of critical care equipment to some of India’s poorest children.
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