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Flaveo Inc. launched the international News-, Events- and History Portal ONE-DAY-IN, a portal that makes anyone experience the world’s history.

Panama City, Republic of Panama, August 18, 2009 (PressReleasePoint) -- Flaveo Inc. launched the international News-, Events- and History Portal ONE-DAY-IN, a portal that makes anyone experience the world’s history. A user can share and explore news, stories, history, blogs, travel diaries and upcoming events. Flaveo Inc. is now searching for partners worldwide to take ONE-DAY-IN one step further.

According to Flaveo’s spokesman, George Breeze, ONE-DAY-IN, http://one-day-in.com, is going to play an important role in future online journalism. ONE-DAY-IN makes anyone experience the world’s history – past, present and future. A user can share and explore news, stories, history, blogs, travel diaries and upcoming events. And, nevertheless, an author will soon be able to earn money on his articles, using a new kind of payback system.

ONE-DAY-IN makes it possible to show and to explore exactly, what happened when and where. Any person worldwide is able to make a contribution in the form of an article or a comment to someone else's article. An author's contributions might be related to his own life or the history of a certain time or place. Upcoming events can also be added and searched for. An article or a comment can only be deleted by its author or by an administrator.

ONE-DAY-IN is based on GoogleMaps. By flying around the world and zooming to a certain continent, country, region or city, a user can select the place he wants to learn more about. It is also possible to select a certain year, a month, or a day on an unlimited time scale, ranging from dates B.C. (Before Christ) to dates in the future. Furthermore, all articles are categorized and accordingly marked.

ONE-DAY-IN means the future of journalism in times of crisis and offers unlimited possibilities. Authors interested in history can visualize what happened where and when. Newspapers and news agencies can place their news according to category, language, time and place, which makes it easy for a user to compare. Event agencies and tourist information agencies worldwide can post upcoming events. Bloggers and backpackers can keep their friends updated by writing a tour diary.

Of course, not all news and events can be presented on ONE-DAY-IN. Only those that can be related to a certain time and place.

ONE-DAY-IN has only been online for about one month and is now searching for partners all over the world. This might be newspapers, newsagencies, magazines, event managers and other portals, who would like to present their news and events on ONE-DAY-IN.

Flaveo Inc offers its partners to display their logo on the main page for free, as long as space is available. A partner logo will include a hyperlink to the partner’s profile. All your articles are listed in the profile. When posting articles, the author can link to his own homepage and increase the number of visitors and the value of his page.

Each single article can be considered to be a perpetual source of income. Flaveo Inc. wants to share its advertising earnings with its partners and all authors and is therefore implementing an innovative payback system, which will soon be accomplished.

When writing a new article the author can choose between writing a regular article or an advanced article. Regular articles will always be free of charge. Advanced articles offer the author more possibilities, e.g. a text editor. They are intended to cost a small amount, as soon as the payback system is fully implemented. With the help of this payback system, authors of popular advanced articles will earn money on posting articles on ONE-DAY-IN. Until then, advanced articles will be free of charge.

Furthermore, Flaveo Inc. is working on a mobile version, optimized for the IPhone.

For further information, please have a look at http://www.one-day-in.com or contact us: support(at)one-day-in.com

Flaveo Inc was founded in Panama City in 2008 by a group of independent international investors. CEO is Mr Alex Munoz. The company's business is to realize new ideas and trend-setting internet portals. So far, Flaveo Inc launched the history-, news- and event portal ONE-DAY-IN. A second portal is soon to be launched. It is called SIXCONTACTS and will visualize the Small World Theory, the Six Degrees of Separation.
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