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Cut Software Costs with Centralized Concurrent License Management and Usage Tracking

Learn how you can avoid over-spending by optimizing the management of concurrent licenses

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications centrally administers FlexNet Publisher (formerly FlexLM) license servers, and reports concurrent license usage across many license management solutions (FlexNet, LUM, Reprise, Sentinel, etc.). It enables organizations to efficiently manage high spend technical applications to reduce licensing costs, improve productivity and more accurately forecast future software needs.

Technical applications that commonly utilize the concurrent license model include: electronic design automation (EDA), geographic information systems (GIS), exploration & production (E&P) and product lifecycle management (PLM) products.

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications is a key part of the FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises used by hundreds of enterprises to gain control of and optimize spend across their software estate.

Optimize Software Use and Reduce Ongoing Software Costs

  • Centrally monitors and reports on concurrent license usage, including peak usage, to help determine the optimal number of concurrent licenses required by your teams
  • Identifies under-utilized licenses and provides you the insight to remix or reallocate them to other locations or projects
  • Enables effective chargeback processes within your organization

Simplify and Centralize License Server Administration

  • Efficiently perform license server administration (start, stop, restart license servers, etc.) in real time
  • Ensures that global teams are served with the licenses they need, when they need them, minimizing downtime
  • Reduce the time and effort required to administer license servers

Reduce Denials of Service and Increase Engineering Productivity

  • Usage tracking includes the ability to report on denials of service (all available licenses are checked out and one or more users must wait until a license becomes available) and allows you optimize the number of concurrent licenses to maintain an acceptable level of denials

Manage Multiple Concurrent Licensing Technologies Including

  • FlexNet (FlexEnabled, FlexLM) software
  • LUM-enabled software (ENOVIA Smarteam)
  • [New] Dassault Systems License Server (DSLS); for CATIA R23 and later versions
  • Sentinel, Reprise, and others

Concurrent License Management Dashboard

Software Investment Planner for Trend Analysis and Forecasting

  • Analyze software usage and denial trends in relation to license terms, costs and organizational parameters, such as geographies, cost centers, projects, and users

Flexera Software Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services team can help you quickly realize the benefits of using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications. Our services include:

  • Assessing your baseline and compliance position
  • Recommending cost reduction strategies
  • Optimizing your licensing environment
  • Managing an optimized state moving forward

With 25 years of experience as the producers of FlexNet Publisher, a leading software licensing technology embedded in over 20,000 applications, Flexera Software is uniquely capable of helping organizations to centrally monitor, manage and report on the use of major engineering applications by using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications.

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