Food & Water Watch Pushing Forward in BP Atlantis Case

Statement of Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter 

Washington, D.C.—“Yesterday, Judge Lynne Hughes of the United States District Court, Southern Texas District issued an opinion in Food & Water Watch’s lawsuit against BP regarding the company’s Atlantis oil and gas platform.

“We are disappointed with Judge Hughes’s decision in favor of BP and will continue to explore our legal options.

“Food & Water Watch stands by its case, and we believe that we are right on the facts and the law. The world’s deepest semi-submersible oil and gas platform, the BP Atlantis sits 150 miles south of New Orleans in a section of the Gulf of Mexico known as ‘Hurricane Alley.’

“We continue to believe that the BP Atlantis represents a significant threat to the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast communities because the platform lacks final, engineer-approved safety and operations documents. Some of the same problems afflicted BP’s Horizon platform, which exploded in 2010, causing one of the largest environmental disasters in history. Food & Water Watch will continue to fight to make sure that the BP Atlantis is shutdown until it can be operated safely so that the catastrophe afflicted by the BP Horizon disaster does not happen again.”