Former Whitehall ‘spad’ reveals how ministers are kept in dark

A former ministerial aide has lifted the lid on the shadowy world of Whitehall special advisers, revealing the ways in which civil servants seek to keep ministers in the dark and frustrate their pr
Mandarins still try to outwit political advisers and ensure that “radical ideas” never make it to a ministerial red box, according to Nick Hillman, an aide to the Universities and Science Minister

David Walker writes that the latest IfG report assesses that the civil service will not be in a fit state to deliver effectively for the next government unless it plans ahead properly.

Civil Service World features an interview with IfG researcher Jonathan Pearson on our new report, 'Leading Change in the Civil Service'.

Oliver Wright's column focuses on research by the Institute for Government and the IFS, which warns that planning ahead for post-2015 spending cuts must begin now.

Senior Civil Service leaders need to prepare now for post-2015 spending cuts, according to a new report from the Institute for Government.

Greater leadership at the top of the civil service combined with more involvement from both the Treasury and Prime Minister is required to ensure the success of futur spending cuts.

IfG Deputy Director Julian McCrae says pay controls in the civil service could lead to an exodus of talented staff.

A new report by the Institute for Government identifies a number of common themes in the demise of the Audit Commission and two other improvement agencies.

An 'insanely ambitious' timetable will result in various functions of the Audit Commission being spread around Whitehall, according to a new IfG report.

A new Institute for Government report says the Audit Commission should be reinvented to protect taxpayers' money.

IfG Senior Fellow Nick Timmins says the Audit Commission's abolition will mean public money is at greater risk.

Deputy Director Julian McCrae is quoted in a piece describing the impact of cuts at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Matthew D'Ancona's column in The Sunday Telegraph mentions the Institute for Government. 

The FT's leader says the UK's Civil Service remains world class, but care must be taken to heed warnings from the IfG on the relationship between ministers and mandarins as well as capability to manage the more technical demands of government.

Appilications for the position of Whitehall's finance chief have now closed, the Financial Times reports.

A new report from the Public Administration Select Committee says the Prime Minister should not be able to choose permanent secretaries.

IfG Director of Research Tom Gash and Henry Kippin, from Collaborate, outline findings from recent research on commissioning.

IfG Director Peter Riddell talks to Total Politics about challenges for the civil service as electioneering begins. 

Scottish finance secretary John Swinney has criticised the Treasury's Permanent Secretary over his currency union intervention.



The Demise of the Audit Commission and Other Improvement Agencies

This report provides three short studies of the fate of three very different improvement agencies – the Audit Commission, the National Policing Improvement Agency and the NHS Modernisation Agency.

The Civil Service has a crucial role in determining whether or not the next government will be set on the path to success or failure.


27th March 2014

The Institute shares the story of one former special adviser, Nick Hillman, which sheds light on this important role.

26th March 2014
'Leading Change in the Civil Service', our new report, says stronger leadership is required from the Treasury and the Prime Minister if the...
14th March 2014

Director of Research Tom Gash responds to the latest PAC report on private contractors delivering public services.  

10th March 2014
A new Institute for Government study examines demise of improvement agencies and identifies important lessons for those responsible for...
14th February 2014

The publication of advice from the Treasury's permanent secretary to the Chancellor is highly unusual.  

News Source : Former Whitehall ‘spad’ reveals how ministers are kept in dark