A foul tip hit Gary Sanchez juuust below the belt, and David Robertson's reaction was perfect

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The Yankees held strong in Tuesday night's AL Wild Card Game, beating the Twins, 8-4, thanks in large part to right-hander David Robertson, who came out of the bullpen in the third inning and fired 3 1/3 innings of shutdown relief. 

In the sixth inning, though, something happened. A foul tip grazed off catcher Gary Sanchez, and ... well ... it looked like it hurt:

From the mound, Robertson reacted as many folks watching the game around the world probably did: 


Raise your cup to Robertson for his great performance in the game -- and for his reaction after Sanchez took a foul tip to an area below the belt and above the thighs.

David Robertson is every man that just watched what happened to . pic.twitter.com/qThGhJjs3f

- Cut4 (@Cut4)

With the Wild Card Game out of the way, the Yankees are now set to face the Indians in the ALDS. Tune in to Game 1: Thursday, 7:30 p.m. ET on FS1.

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