Free and Open Source Plugin for Integrating Outlook Contacts with Banckle CRM

Banckle CRM app is now allowing users to manage their outlook contacts with their free and open source plugin. They can add this functionality within the application by using Banckle CRM .NET Wrapper or Banckle Restful APIs.

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Banckle is allowing developers to extend the functionality of their application by using free and opensource Banckle CRM plugin for MS Outlook. They can easily integrate this plugin by using Banckle CRM .NET Wrapper or Banckle Restful APIs. For now, this plugin is available only for Outlook 2007 version but very soon it will be available for Outlook 2010 and 2013 version.

By using this free Banckle CRM plugin for Outlook users can easily integrate all their contacts with Banckle CRM app without changing their application or workflow. Every new contact users add in, Outlook is captured and organized within the Banckle CRM account so they can more easily manage and share important information. And the customer profiles and account data always stays timely and accurate. With this plugin, they can synchronize contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Banckle CRM.
How to install Banckle CRM on MS Outlook?

  1. Download the latest version from GitHub
  2. Close MS Outlook if it’s open.
  3. After running setup.exe Banckle CRM Setup Wizard will start.
  4. After the Welcome screen, select the Installation Folder, Confirm the Installation and Wait for the installation to complete.

How to use Banckle CRM for MS Outlook?

After the installation, open MS Outlook and Notice Banckle CRM toolbar.

  1. Go to Settings and Save Banckle CRM API Key.
  2. To synchronize Contacts use the Sync button from Banckle CRM Toolbar.
  3. To log into Banckle CRM site press Banckle CRM button.

Newly added documentation pages and articles
Some new tips and articles have now been added into Banckle documentation that may guide users on how to use Banckle apps for performing different tasks like the followings.

  1. How to Add Contact Info for an Existing Person
  2. How to Add Contact Info for an Existing Company

Overview: Banckle CRM App
Banckle CRM Application allows users to manage all the CRM tools in one place. Banckle CRM provides an easy online customer relationship management (CRM) tools for busy and dispersed teams. Stay in touch with colleagues and customers, manage tasks and view the pipeline, all in one place. Get a real time picture of the business, right on the web-based CRM application dashboard. See instant updates about the total pipeline value, sales teams' activities and customer communication. View personalized to-do task list for every team member, keeps everyone focused and gets things done.
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