A Freelance Copywriter

Agency Contact
J. A. Lohmann, Creative Freelance Copywriter 3005 Commerce St. Dallas, Texas 75226

As a professional Freelance Copywriter and Internet Marketing Consultant in , I help advertising agencies and small businesses to produce effective marketing tools, both online an offline, that add intrinsic and monetary value. My 12 years experience as a Freelance Copywriter and Marketing Consultant enables me to manage or produce virtually any brand building project or service related to marketing and advertising.

I've helped independent business owners, small companies, Fortune 100 corporations, and governments successfully promote an extensive array of products, services and messages to strategically targeted markets. In other words, I'm an experienced living marketing tool you can confidently deploy at any time - in any or all of the following ways.

Freelance Copywriter
Internet Marketing Consultant
SEO Consultant and Web Copywriter
Brand Consultant
Marketing Manager
Advertising Director
Advertising Project Manager
Audio and Video Production Manager