French Pavilion at Photonics West 2009 Showcases Photonics and Optics Savoir-Faire (Y112)

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With the largest participation to date, the French Pavilion at the Photonics West 2009 exhibition, is bringing 18 of the best and brightest French companies and trade associations in the industry to show new products and technologies. From January 27 to 29, the participants will be exhibiting at two pavilions, one located in Hall 3 and one located in South Hall 1, in the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif.

The participating companies include:

ALPAO is the specialist of adaptive optics (from deformable mirror up to complex adaptive optics systems). Its breakthrough technologies come from years of research and development in the most demanding applications. (Booth 6142)

Amplitude Technologies produces ultra-intense femtosecond laser systems with top-performing pulse duration, temporal contrast, and spatial beam quality. (Booth 6138)

The Bordeaux - Route des Lasers cluster presents Cordouan Technologies's MIROMA analyzer has a high sampling resolution to accurately measure high-frequency wavefront distortions for laser amplification line experiments and ultrashort pulse-generation applications. (Booth 1714)

The leading high power fiber laser company, EOLITE Systems, is entering in a new era with the introduction of its third generation of BOREAS high power fiber laser. (Booth 1617)

Fastlite manufactures state of the art femtosecond lasers pulse shaping and measurement systems operating at UV, visible and near IR wavelengths. (Booth 6239)

Fibercryst produces laser thin crystal rods with a unique geometry -- very thin and very long. It offers Nd:YAG or Yb:YAG thin rods with diameters of 0.3 mm to 2 mm, and lengths up to 500 mm. (Booth 6144)

FOGALE nanotech, an engineering company created in 1983, is now a worldwide reference in the field of high-accuracy dimensional metrology, presenting its LISE system for distance and thickness metrology. (Booth 1613)

For over 60 years, Gaggione has offered comprehensive design, development, and manufacturing capabilities for the production of thermoplastic-based products and components for clients worldwide. (Booth 1716)

IXFiber develops and produces specialty fibers and components based on fiber Bragg grating technology including active or passive double-clad fiber, doped fibers, co-doped fibers, polarization-maintaining fibers, and FBG mirrors. (Booth 1708)

Microcertec S.A.S combines precision-grinding, thin-film metallizing ,and laser micromachining to offer customized carriers or packaging solutions for such applications as infrared detectors, high-power laser diodes, semiconductor lasers or LEDs. (Booth 6140)

PhaseView's Digital Wavefront Sensors® (DWS®) are smart and cost-effective optical instruments providing the highest resolution and dynamic range available on the marketplace for wavefront analysis and laser beam profiling. (Booth 6247)

PHASICS manufactures high-resolution wavefront sensors and associated devices and software for laser characterization and optical metrology. (Booth 1611)

The POPSUD association manages the OPTITEC competitiveness cluster that links together more than 160 members in the south of France: 60% are companies and 40% are R&D institutions. It focuses on monitoring and promoting cutting-edge technology. (Booth 6241)

SAVIMEX designs and manufactures optical components in thermoplastic polymer materials (PC, PMMA, COC, COP, PEI) by injection, for optical thin film coatings and for optomechanical subsystem assemblies. (Booth 1615)

SEDI Fibres Optiques offers a unique range of optical components as well as custom designed products for applications including biocompatibility, radiation resistance, power lasers, vacuum chambers, and other severe environments. (Booth 1710)

SESO is specialized in optical and mechanical design (ZEMAX, Pro-Engineer, FEM analysis with Nastran) and complete manufacturing, including AIT activities, of any kind of customized optics and fully integrated optomechanical systems. (Booth 6146)

SILIOS Technologies’s mini-spectrometers (combining SILIOS microchip, detector, and board) are suitable for a broad range of chemical analysis and process control applications such as water treatment, agrifood, medical, oil, or microelectronics. (Booth 6249)

Teem Photonics is the leader in passively Q-switched microlasers for applications including biophotonics, instrumentation, remote sensing, as well as micromachining and marking. (Booth 1609)

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Mr. Romain Belvèze
Project Manager
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