Fujitsu Awarded the 49th The Ichimura Prize in Industry for Excellent Achievement

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Tokyo, March 10, 2017

Fujitsu announced today that, in the 49th The Ichimura Prizes in Industry held by the New Technology Development Foundation, it has been awarded The Ichimura Prize in Industry for Excellent Achievement for its "Development of Platform Technologies for an Ultra-High Performance, Ultra-High Reliability Online Mission-Critical System(1)."

In recent years, with innovations in business models and performance improvement in hardware, there is greater demand than ever before for both high reliability and the ability to perform high-speed processing of huge volumes of data in mission-critical systems, which support the foundations of society's activities. In this year's awards, Fujitsu's prize-winning technology was evaluated very highly for contributing to Japan's economy through the development and commercialization of new platform technologies that meets these demands, and through its continuous development efforts afterwards.

Award Recipients and Prize-Winning Technology

Recipients of The Ichimura Prize in Industry for Excellent Achievement

These prizes are presented to researchers or groups who make a significant contribution to industry by developing exceptional industrial technology in Japan. The awards ceremony will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo.

Award Recipients: Developers of the Technology

Shoji Yamamoto, General Manager, Development Dept.IV, Platform Software Div.I, Platform Software Business Group, Fujitsu Limited

Kenji Iino, Senior Architect, Development Dept.IV, Platform Software Div.I, Platform Software Business Group, Fujitsu Limited

Tamaki Tanaka, Manager, Development Dept.IV, Platform Software Div.I, Platform Software Business Group, Fujitsu Limited

Project Name: Development of Platform Technologies for an Ultra-High Performance, Ultra-High Reliability Online Mission-Critical System

Prize-Winning Technology

For online mission-critical systems supporting such societal activities as stock trading and banking, Fujitsu succeeded in developing the technologies described below, thereby developing and commercializing platform technologies for in-memory online mission-critical systems that achieve both ultra-high performance and ultra-high reliability.

  1. Technology for hierarchical control of communications

    The team developed proprietary network protocols, achieving high-speed communications that exceed the speeds enabled by standard protocols. In addition, through communication pathways between servers, the team also created a highly reliable network with zero operational downtime during failures of individual networks.

  2. Technology for synchronizing data between servers

    While achieving high-speed in-memory processing using DRAM(2), the team also developed proprietary technology for synchronizing data between servers, enabling the same data to be shared among multiple servers, and making the data non-volatile.

  3. Integrated mediation technology

    For systems comprised of PC servers, the team developed an anomaly detection mechanism, an autonomous determination mechanism, and a changeover mechanism for integrated control of multiple anomalies, achieving zero-downtime reliability with using a dedicated server.

By continuously refining these technologies and supporting important societal systems, mainly in the financial services industry, Fujitsu is contributing to Japan's economy.

As one example, these technologies were applied to Tokyo Stock Exchange's "arrowhead" equity trading system, which has been in operation since 2010. Through continuous enhancements to these technologies, in 2015 the arrowhead system was upgraded to make it even faster and more reliable, and since it went into operation, there have been zero overall trading stoppages. The system has the capacity to handle cash-based average daily trading activity of around 2.5 trillion yen, and up to 3.2 billion transactions in one day. In this way, these technologies support the stable operation of some of the world's fastest and most reliable online mission-critical systems.

Since 2010, Fujitsu has been selling ultra-high-speed data management software incorporating these technologies, for high-speed, high-reliability online mission-critical systems.

Based on the application track record of these technologies in Japan, through rollouts outside of Japan and applications to IoT system platforms that require stable processing of huge volumes of data, Fujitsu seeks to spread these technologies globally across all industries as platform technologies supporting the world's mission-critical systems.

  • [1]

    Mission-critical system

    A system that would have a significant adverse impact on society if it stopped working because a failure occurred.

  • [2]


    Dynamic random-access memory, a type of volatile semiconductor memory used in computers.

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