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When drafting the creative brief and this goes for website design and Development, start with the end user and work your way backwards, ask yourself "what needs to happen to make this possible". For example: How is payment taken: cash, card, over the phone, on the internet. Each of these has server transaction elements to execute.

London, UK, July 18, 2014 /PressReleasePoint/ - Composing a hom e base bu siness model may seem a daunting task to say the least, and an important part of y o ur bu siness may require y ou to seek outside help from bu siness developm ent consultant like 70thirty, Jadet, or Schneider when preparing yo ur model.  How y ou decide which service provider y ou work with greatly depends on several factors som ething I shall cover in more depth a little later.  Getting traffic to yo u r site is the initial core objective but I shall help with that.

With ju st a few to nam e there are many other reso urces where y ou can go to get help.  W e really ought to be u sing the terms advice and assistance, although they m ean almost the sam e thing advice and assistance insists upon a professional outlook.  There are many experts available to offer advice on creating y ou r model and assist y ou in delivering yo ur final product for a fee, after all tim e is one of the biggest commodities for consultants.   Y ou may even find that a few off a 1 hou r free telephone consultation.

In saying that som e firms many charge an initial consultation with a 50% redeemable factor over a period of 28 days when yo u u se their services, but before y ou spend the money on these people, yo u should first consider going to y ou r local Small Bu siness Association, 'SBA hereafter' or Bu siness Link 'BL hereafter' type group and draft a creative brief to work from. When planning any bu siness it is imperative to get specific advice and assistance where it is available, especially when that advice and assistance is free.

The SBA was created in 1953 as an independent agency for the federal governm ent to aid and assist the interests of small bu sinesses and to help preserve free competitive enterprise and strengthen the overall economy.

Local small bu sinesses are critical to o ur economic strength and in building most countries future. Most of the large companies w e know now w ere once small ideas and concepts and many of them began with advice from places like the BL and SBA.

There is an extensive network of field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations.  There are specialists who work for the SBA / BL who are w ell trained in writing and creating hom e bu siness models.  Successfully written ho  bu siness models can m ean the difference in making or breaking y ou r bu siness.  How ever, ju st becau se a service is free doesn't m ean yo u have to u se it as being in bu siness, like the consultant tim e is now yo ur biggest commodity.   

When drafting the creative brief and this goes for w ebsite design and Developm ent, start with the end u ser and work y o ur way backwards, ask yo urself "what needs to happen to make this possible".

For example:
How is paym ent taken:  cash, card, over the phone, on the internet.  Each of these has server transaction elem ents to execute.  

How will products or services getting to or reach the cu stom er: over the counter, dedicated delivery, via the post.

There are som e absolute bare essentials when starting a new bu siness, to find out more free information click here.

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