Globi Web Solutions Engineers Unique Service to Combat Website Downtime

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Calgary-based web development firm's unique fail-over hosting service ensures that clients will never experience website downtime that exceeds 60 seconds

Calgary, Alberta- January 22, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - After spending months on research, testing, and engineering, Calgary-based web development service Globi Web Solutions has just launched its fail-over hosting service. Hoping to address the increasing need for website up-time in an ever-growing eCommerce market, Globi Web's new technology is unique, offering a service not found anywhere else in the industry.

The fail-over hosting service works by caching a static copy of client websites on a fail-over server. Load balancers at the front of each hosting server will call up the cached content in the event of a main service failure. In effect, the fail-over solution ensures that the websites Globi Web hosts will never experience any downtime for longer than 60 seconds, the amount of time it takes for the live site to jump to the cached version in the event of a failure.
It's exciting news for Andreas Huttenrauch, Chief Digital Strategist at Globi Web Solutions, and the entire team who have spent months refining the technology to its current form. "We've been working for many months on coming up with ideas to make shared hosting safer," Huttenrauch points out. "Even though Amazon's cloud has excellent up-time, they have had some large outages in the past. No website is unaffected by outages as they always will happen, especially in a shared environment. Dedicated servers are not always in a business' price range, and outages with dedicated equipment have an even higher impact." With this new technology, one of a kind in the world of web hosting, Globi Web gives its clients the convenience and functionality of dedicated servers without having to worry about service or technology fees.
The singular technology isn't lost on Globi Web Solutions' clients, old or new. In a business world where even five minutes of downtime can mean significant losses in eCommerce revenues, the fail-over hosting service has been a dream among industry professionals and their clients for a long time. As Huttenrauch explains, "Our hosting clients will have a highly reduced impact when server issues arise. Although server issues only arise once or twice a year, and each issue averages 20-40 minutes, this could be critical to a business."
Going forward with the freshly launched service, Huttenrauch and all of Globi Web Solutions are confident that the fail-safe hosting service will be just another win in a long line of recent successes. "No other shared hosting has this. All other shared hosts will have an outage when something happens, and the outage will be as long as it takes to get the server back online," Huttenrauch says. The fail-over hosting service offers an advantage that, in the increasingly lucrative world of eCommerce, sets Globi Web light-years ahead of its competition.

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