Good Search Engine Listings Continue To Supply End Users With What They Want

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Search engines succeed or fail by their ability to provide highly relevant and useful results to their users. In order to improve the quality of the results, there is often the necessity to remove poor websites from the first page of the SERPs ( search engine results pages ).

USA., April 6, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Many websites have achieved first page positioning in the past by the use of aggressive off page optimization, or link building, by overly aggressive SEO agencies. This is why google has taken the lead in developing strong anti-spam measures that help to keep over-optimized sites off the first page.

Many sites are now being rewarded for producing high quality on site content that keeps web searchers engaged and pleased with their search engine results.

"Search engine algorithms are getting advanced enough to now identify poorly written content that provides little value to their users. As well as this, there are now algorithms in place to take account of how positive the user interaction is on a given website - positive interaction equals higher search engine rankings. It's the early stages of a virtuous circle that helps those webmasters who are interested in providing their visitors with the highest calibre of website content possible", says digital marketing and search engine optimization specialist Derek Dolan.

Backlinks are still an important consideration, but search engines are now much better at pinpointing sites that have lots of highly optimized anchor text backlinks, but poor quality websites that add little value to search engine listings. These sites are doing a lot worse than they used to according to online research.

Two important metrics that are given weight by search engines these days are bounce rate and time on site. A website with a high bounce rate ( a large number of visitors 'bounce', or leave, the site without viewing more than one page ) and/or low time on site times is obviously not very engaging or interesting to visitors.

Search engines measure this and act accordingly, improving the quality of the search results for their users. This strategy seems to be working well already, and the algorithms continue to be refined and enhanced.

"Professional SEO companies that are interested in genuinely assisting their clients to boost their businesses in the long term encourage them to add well written, useful content and videos to their sites that will attract real interest, good user interaction and some natural backlinks", says Derek Dolan.

This is a paradigm shift for many, but the results are already there to be seen, with better search engine results and an improved online environment for many businesses.

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