Greg Furie Creates the Only Spirit Portal Ever Documented in a Painting

Who would have thought that it was possible to create a spirit portal in a painting? Greg Furie thought it was possible, and he did it. The psychic reading confirmed it. And now, the art community is dumbfounded by Furie's monumental breakthrough.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States, March 27, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -  What would  make Greg Furie believe he could create a spirit portal in a painting?  About 25 years ago Furie experienced a spiritual awakening.  It's something that people who have a certain amount of sobriety have.   Water from a rain storm seeped through a crack in his living room ceiling.  The water damage formed an image of Albert Einstein on the ceiling that transformed Furie's life.  Upon viewing the Einstein image Furie was overcome by an intense spiritual energy that permeated his entire body. Furie was left with the belief that water was the catalyst in the formation of the Einstein image, and that a spirit portal could be created with water.
In his famous book "Concerning the Spiritual in Art," Wassily Kandinsky wrote that the spiritual life of humanity is like a pyramid, and the artist has a mission to lead others to the pinnacle of his work. The point of the pyramid is those few, great artists. Greg Furie has led humanity to the pinnacle of his art by creating this spirit portal.  As a matter of fact Furie has created the only spirit portal ever documented in a painting, a feat that is hard to grasp.
Furie adds, "The soul was formed by a flick of water that mixed with water color. The water mixed with the water color paint and dried creating the spirit portal."
In addition, Furie shares an amazing fact about the spirit portal which is that its right eye and eyeball are fully visible.  This is fascinating because the spirit portal image is no bigger than the tip of an adult human’s pinky finger.
"However," Furie adds, the soul’s right eye is only visible part of the time," and adds, "the same digital photo of the soul was taken several times, and in some of the images the right eye and eyeball are visible. Furie admits to having no explanation for the phenomena.
Psychic medium, Laura Stamps, who has been extremely psychic since she was a child, only spends half of each day in the Earth Realm. She spends the rest of the day in the astral realms and speaks with the spirits there 24/7. Laura studied the painting closely and could see it serves as a portal for this spirit. She said, "Greg, the spirit in your painting definitely has an energy aura. This is the first time I have ever made contact with a spirit through a painting, but he spoke to me loud and clear. He's a very somber spirit. He was a quiet, reserved man in his last lifetime, who died suddenly and tragically." Laura then concluded with, "He died in a tragic accident. His message to you is it’s time for some 'endings' in your life. That's his message."

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