Hachette India Launches It’s Geek 2 Me: Total Timepass Techie Toons by Francis Cleetus.

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The world's funniest compilation of tech cartoons about people and their off-centre relationships with the different avatars of technology in their lives.

New Delhi, India, December 14, 2013, PressReleasePoint.

About the book:

A wacky compilation of tech cartoons about people and their off-centre relationships with computers, the internet, smart phones, social networks, MP3 players, gaming consoles, e-book readers, GPS systems and other amazing technologies, all inspired by real life events. 

Advance praise for the book:

"To sense how subtly sacrilegious these cartoons are, imagine an India where parents consider getting a programming job in the US a prospect somewhat superior to finding 72 virgins in heaven. (It's a different matter that those 72 are likely to be programmers from Bangalore.)" – Mahesh Murthy, Founder, Pinstorm, and Managing Partner, Seedfund, Angel Investor on Super Angels, ET Now 

"Beautifully drawn and slyly witty, It's Geek 2 Me tech toons seem to be peopled with characters born of a liaison between a middle-aged Dilbert and a hot South-Asian techie. Read one a day to keep all viruses away!" – Anuja Chauhan, screenwriter and bestselling author of The Zoya Factor and Those Pricey Thakur Girls 

About the author:

Francis Cleetus started fiddling with computers at an early age. Years later, he started writing about them as a staff reporter for Dataquest magazine. Along the way, he switched to writing ads at ad agencies in India, Hong Kong and the US. While he works on ads, he doodles on the side, especially during long meetings. 

Francis lives with his wife and two daughters in Pittsburgh, USA, and works out of his basement studio. He has created hundreds of tech toons for the Pittsburgh Tech Council's TEQ magazine, geek-2-me.com and various other publications. He has also conceived award-winning ad campaigns for HP, Phillips, Nike and MTV. But he still hasn’t figured out what the F11 key on his laptop is all about.

For more information or just a good laugh, go to geek-2-me.com. 

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