HackerStorm Provide Guidance for E-Mail Hacking & Penetration Testing with New E-Book

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After a number of high profiled and humiliating security breaches for large corporations and governments, HackerStorm.com have published the second in their series of penetration testing guides.

London, United Kingdom, December 04, 2013 -(PressReleasePoint)- 'E-Mail Hacking For IT Security Professionals', available via Amazon.com for kindle, is the second ebook in a series of ebooks being published by HackerStorm.com. There have been many high profile hacking incidents recently and the majority are down to e-mail related problems.

Timur Mehmet, author of the ebook and creator of HackerStorm.com (http://www.hackerstorm.com) comments: "E-Mail testing and hacking was the obvious choice for our second publication, many don't realise that when hackers target a high profile company, its normally e-mail that is exploited."

The aim of the HackerStorm ebooks is to give people enough knowledge to enable IT security managers and penetration testers to ask the right questions so that they can create a more meaningful test plan. All too often the testers ask what the customer wants and the customer really has no idea, all they know is they are worried about their company suffering a very public and humiliating security breach but have no idea on how to approach the testing or how to evaluate the testers.

According to HackerStorm, e-mail is more that just a server that routes email, they are far more complicated beasts now with dedicated teams designing, implementing and supporting massive platforms. The days of simply testing for an open relay are long gone, all systems, applications and supporting networks need to be tested and secured. Hackers today are not just hacking the mail server anymore, they are looking for weaknesses in any component within the e-mail traffic flow including humans.

The human element has also got more complex, it used to be just the e-mail recipient that needed protecting, but now its all who support e-mail directly or in-directly so the scope of testing is much more complex than it used to be.

'Email Hacking For IT Security Professionals' has taken the approach of covering as many of the various dynamics in the world of e-mail and providing guidance on where questions should be asked with suggestions on tests just like the first ebook on Firewall Hacking. The Firewall guide appears to have been well received as it is regularly a best seller on Amazon for firewalls so the HackerStorm.com team are hopeful that their e-mail hacking and penetration testing guide will be well received too.

A summarised checklist is also provided to help create a test plan and to enable all parties to discuss the scope of testing to ensure the project is relevant.

The book is currently available in Kindle format via Amazon for immediate download with further formats planned in the future. To stay informed about new tools and ebooks, you can follow hackerStorm.com on Twitter at @hackerstorm.

Notes to Editors:
HackerStorm.com was launched in 2005 to share various penetration testing and research tools for free. The most popular tool is OSVDB (open source vulnerability database) tool and has had well over 10,000 downloads since launch and is included in ethical hacking study guides and certifications.
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