Hansgrohe Upgrades Catalogue iPad® App

February 14, 2014

Consumers can now download Version 2.0 of the Hansgrohe catalogue app for the iPad® free of charge from iTunes®. You can use the app to virtually immerse yourself in the inspirational world of Hansgrohe, the mixer and shower specialist. Lots of new bathroom and kitchen products have been added to the app, and it is now even more interactive. Hands-on applications bring Hansgrohe's bathroom design and operating concepts to the very doorstep of interested consumers. The information/entertainment mix is proving to be a big hit: more than 16,000 downloads of the app have been recorded to date.

Select – the interactive, hands-on experience

“Further to the ComfortZone in Version 1.0, we have now transformed the Select message, ‘Select your Shower Pleasure at the touch of a button’, into a hands-on experience for our customers”, said Joachim Huber, Head of Hansgrohe Brand Communication. He is referring here to Hansgrohe's new Select technology, which can be used to control sources of water in the bathroom at the simple touch of a button. You can now also get a feel for the intuitive operating concept on your Touchpad. In the app's experimental section, press the button to switch to a new jet type on the virtual shower or to learn something new about Select. In the product section, the Select hand and overhead showers and thermostats are showcased individually and equipped with interactive buttons. The new Hansgrohe Metris kitchen mixers have also been incorporated. The recipe for success for the multi-functional sink unit aides is simple: chefs will love them for their design and convenience.

Bathroom planning for the future

To get an overview of the Hansgrohe range, customers and dealers can still browse through the printed catalogue or the version available for download. However, this does not allow you to “beam” your favourite products into your own bathroom environment as an experiment, for example. For this we recommend the iPad variants. “One particularly striking feature of the app is its photo function”, explains Joachim Huber. “You can use this to integrate any product into the room in which you are currently located. This means that any of the 160 products on the app can be visualised against your own real-life background.” The photos can be saved, printed out, sent by e-mail or posted online.

Create a notepad, use social networks, find a dealer

Users can save their favourite products to a notepad in the Hansgrohe catalogue app, share them with friends on Facebook or recommend them by e-mail. The online dealer locator uses a GPS signal to locate the specialist bathroom retailer, distributor with a bathroom exhibition or specialist plumber nearest to the user. By scrolling through the app, you can also find out a great deal about Hansgrohe as a company, about important design awards and international reference projects, revealing the top locations that use Hansgrohe's highly-functional bathroom design. The Hansgrohe iPad catalogue app Version 2.0 comes in 13 languages and is now available free of charge from iTunes at http://itunes.com/app/hansgrohecatalog.

Within the international Hansgrohe Group, Hansgrohe is the premium brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showers and shower systems as well as thermostat and plumbing technology. Winners of numerous awards throughout the world, the brand’s products stand for modern technologies, innovative design and a superlative level of functional quality. This explains the success of the brand as a market leader in the shower segment and as one of the leading manufacturers of fixtures. With inventions such as the shower bar, adjustable spray types, the QuickClean function, the AirPower or the EcoSmart technology as well as the convenient Select technology, Hansgrohe is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the international sanitation industry.

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