HARDI Would Like to Congratulate Our Branch Manager Graduates!

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Columbus, Ohio- HARDI is thrilled to announce our most recent Branch Manager Certification Program graduates! In order to receive their certification, students must complete the four phases that make up the program.  These phases consist of participants beginning a series of assessments, completing a set of e-learning courses that have been customized specifically for their individual needs, a 2-day workshop led by Jason Bader of the Distribution Team where they can apply what they have learned to a real world environment, and post-workshop coaching modules that allow participants to continue focusing on lasting performance and maximizing profit. The following graduates have put forth numerous hours of hard work and dedication, and should be applauded for their accomplishment!


Congratulations to the following Branch Manager Certification Program graduates:

David Dukich- Behler-Young Company

Randy Geiger- Behler-Young Company

Daniel Conolly- Century A/C Supply, Inc.

David Radmand- Geary Pacific Supply

Pam Villanueva- Geary Pacific Supply

Jeff Walker- Geary Pacific Supply

Kenny Stoves- Geary Pacific Supply

AJ Esoldo- HVAC Distributors, Inc.

Greg Mountain- HVAC Distributors, Inc.

Tony Meier- Meier Supply Co., Inc.

Rich Pangrazi- Meier Supply Co., Inc.

Bill Alberico- Munch's Supply Co., Inc.

Joel Castro- Munch's Supply Co., Inc.

Joe Cubon- Munch's Supply Co., Inc.

Brett Pulaski- Munch's Supply Co., Inc.

Wiktor Zajac- Munch's Supply Co., Inc.

Dan Bowser- Refrigeration Sales Corporation

Michael Stockdale- Refrigeration Sales Corporation

Eric Wilson- Refrigeration Sales Corporation

Jason Neuman-The Granite Group Wholesalers

Timothy Palmer-The Granite Group Wholesalers

To discover how HARDI's Branch Manager Certification Program can benefit your company click here, or contact HARDI's Education Specialist Nick Bention at nbenton@hardinet.org.

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