Healthcare reform in the United States Press Release

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06/14/2018 - 04:29
Make MIPS Repeal a Reality; Dont Replace with Something Worse
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06/13/2018 - 12:17
AMA Urges Federal Action to Respond to Insulin Price Hikes
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06/13/2018 - 07:33
NGA Announces Three New Health Initiatives With States
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National Govern...
06/12/2018 - 10:59
AHIP Launches Coverage@Work Campaign Showcasing How Employer-Provided Coverage Delivers For 180 Million Americans
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06/11/2018 - 23:29
Only Six Percent of Adult Medicaid Enrollees Targeted by States New Work Requirements Are Not Already Working and Are Unlikely to Qualify for an Exemption
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Kaiser Family F...
06/11/2018 - 21:07
AMA Plans Advocacy Outreach to Expand Colorectal Screening
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06/11/2018 - 19:27
AMA Recommends Ways to Improve Affordability in the Health Exchanges
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06/11/2018 - 14:43
CMS leverages Medicaid Program to combat the Opioid crisis's picture
06/10/2018 - 23:15
New study finds hundreds of thousands struggle with medical bills and unmet health needs in Kansas and Missouri
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RTI International
06/08/2018 - 23:03
At Annual Meeting, AMA President Applauds Members Moving Medicine
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06/08/2018 - 07:51
Signature HealthCARE to Pay More Than $30 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations Related to Rehabilitation Therapy
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06/08/2018 - 07:40
Justice Department Argues to Roll Back Critical Patient Protections in Health Care Law
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06/08/2018 - 03:15
A.G. Underwood And Comptroller DiNapoli Announce Guilty Plea Of Queens Pharmacy Owner For $1.5 Million Medicaid Fraud Scheme
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New York Attorn...
06/08/2018 - 01:41
A.G. Underwood And Comptroller DiNapoli Announce Jail Sentence For Queens Pharmacy Owner Who Stole Over $1.5 Million From Medicaid
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New York Attorn...
06/07/2018 - 22:49
SB 897 Jeopardizes Healthy Michigan and Health Care for Hundreds of Thousands of Michiganders
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American Heart ...
06/07/2018 - 12:11
Vermont Amends Federal Medicaid Waiver to Improve Treatment for Substance Use Disorder
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Vermont Governer
06/07/2018 - 10:35
Lawmakers Repeal Prevailing Wage and Pass Work Requirements for Able-Bodied Medicaid Population
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Mackinac Center
06/07/2018 - 04:47
Virginia Becomes 33rd State to Increase Access to Health Coverage through Medicaid
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06/06/2018 - 08:58
Six Steps for Trump to Turbocharge Patient Freedom
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06/05/2018 - 21:21
Restrictions on Private Insurance Coverage of Abortion: A Danger to Abortion Access and Better U.S. Health Coverage
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Guttmacher Institute
06/05/2018 - 16:52
House Bill Would Streamline CMSs Process for Breakthrough Technologies
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Advanced Medica...
06/05/2018 - 09:05
Dean Bakers Statement on the Release of the Social Security and Medicare Trustees Reports
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06/05/2018 - 06:37
Social Security & Medicare Trustees Reports: A Reality Check for Expansion Advocates & Tax Cutters Alike
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06/05/2018 - 04:37
Fallon Health to offer coordinated care program for low-income seniors in Berkshire County
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Fallon Communit...
06/05/2018 - 01:27
Allegiance Health Management to Pay More Than $1.7 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations
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06/05/2018 - 00:03
First Medicaid Scorecard Provides Insight into Areas North Carolina Can Improve
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06/04/2018 - 23:21
Medicare Trustees Report shows lower spending projections for Medicare Part D's picture
06/04/2018 - 23:16
Reports on Medicare, Social Security Underscore that Younger Americans Have the Most at Risk
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Concord Coalition
06/04/2018 - 23:15
Take Action Now: Form Letters from Social Security Administration Alerting Medicare Beneficiaries to Savings Programs are not a Scam
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06/04/2018 - 21:37
Trustees Reports Show Social Security, Medicare on Path to Insolvency
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06/04/2018 - 15:44
MPS Board Passes A Budget And The Buck
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MacIver Institute
06/04/2018 - 08:30
Stanford scholars examine causes and consequences of people dropping out from ACA health care plans
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06/04/2018 - 08:24
Virginia Expands Health Care to 400,000 Residents
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Families USA
06/03/2018 - 23:09
Research Brief: Study finds TV ads linked to enrollment in ACA Marketplace in 2014
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06/03/2018 - 22:55
CMS Unveils Scorecard to Deliver New Level of Transparency within Medicaid and CHIP Program's picture
06/01/2018 - 11:24
Medicaid Expansion Passes General Assembly Senate!
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Virginia Organizing
06/01/2018 - 00:23
Virginia Lawmakers Vote to Increase Access to Health Coverage for Low-Income State Residents
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05/31/2018 - 20:41
CMS Expands the Extension of Needed Relief for Marketplace Enrollees Who Missed Medicare Enrollment
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Medicare Rights...
05/30/2018 - 01:12
Pharmacists help reduce hospital readmissions at Einstein Philadelphia
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Einstein Medica...
05/25/2018 - 10:45
Why the Federal Government Should Not Negotiate Drug Prices Directly
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American Action...
05/23/2018 - 13:45
Brand New Day Partners with Golden Shore Medical Group
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Groff Hinman
05/23/2018 - 13:04
AMGA Recommends CMS Improve ACO Program,
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05/23/2018 - 10:08
How Much Is the United States Actually Spending on Prescription Drugs?
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05/22/2018 - 21:26
More post-acute care isnt always better, study finds
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05/22/2018 - 15:03
WEA Insurance Corporation and Mayo Clinic Health System announce sale of Health Tradition Health Plan
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WEA Trust
05/22/2018 - 14:57
Explaining TRICARE Annual Cost Increases
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05/22/2018 - 13:41
Meadows Co-Sponsors Good Samaritan Bill in the House
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05/22/2018 - 06:33
Where Does Your Health Care Dollar Go? AHIP Has The Answer
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05/21/2018 - 15:24
Five Health Insurance Pitfalls College Grads Should Avoid
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05/21/2018 - 10:47
Low-Income Americans Would Receive Free Medical Care Under Proposed Legislation, says AMAC
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05/21/2018 - 10:33
Acting A.G. Underwood Announces Arrest And Indictment Of Licensed Nurse For Allegedly Stealing Over $550,000 From Brooklyn Hospital And Defrauding Medicaid
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New York Attorn...
05/18/2018 - 13:10
Independence Blue Cross and Rothman Institute sign new five-year agreement
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Independence Bl...
05/18/2018 - 12:08
DHHS Releases Paper on Provider Transition to Medicaid Managed Care
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05/17/2018 - 16:56
CMS Sends Clear Message to Plans: Stop Hiding Information from Patients's picture
05/17/2018 - 09:34
Us & Canadian pharmaceutical policy experts call for reform
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05/17/2018 - 08:46
Three firms Account for Over Half of All Medicare Part D Enrollees in 2018, and Pending Mergers Would Further Consolidate the Marketplace
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Kaiser Family F...
05/17/2018 - 06:34
HealthPartners Freedom (Cost) plan recognized for high quality care for medication
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05/16/2018 - 14:24
Research Shows That Medicaid Expansion Has Resulted in Coverage and Economic Gains Without Affecting Traditional Groups or Other State Programs
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Kaiser Family F...
05/15/2018 - 12:47
CMS Unveils Enhanced Drug Dashboards to Increase Transparency on Drug Prices's picture
05/15/2018 - 11:48
Fallon Health membership hits record high
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Fallon Communit...