Help Protect Bristol Bay

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Help Protect Bristol Bay

Please submit your comment to the Army Corps today!

In December, 2017, proponents of the Pebble Mine filed an application for a Clean Water Act permit- kicking off the process to permit the mine. The Army Corps of Engineers is taking comments from April 1-June 28.  Please comment today and tell the Army Corps to reject Pebble’s application as incomplete!

To comment:

  1. Go to the Army Corps comment page and follow the instructions.
  2. For the comment section, you can copy and paste the sample letter below (personalize for greater effect).
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Sample Letter

The Army Corps should work to protect the fisheries and jobs that Bristol Bay supports and consider the following during the review of Pebble’s permit application:

Pebble’s application is incomplete and lacks the necessary baseline data and information regarding key parts of its proposal.  First, the data provided by Pebble is over 10 years old and can’t be relied upon to accurately assess the completeness of the current application.   In addition, no baseline data exists for the proposed port and use of Lake Iliamna, or the 83-mile transportation corridor making it impossible to analyze the potential impacts these activities would have on sensitive salmon habitat, tributaries, and adjacent wetlands.  Pebble also failed to provide baseline data for ground to surface water connectivity or an analysis of  the complex hydrology at the project site. This is especially alarming given the complexity of the regions hydrology and propensity for seismic activity.

Given the lack of critical information, Pebble’s permit application fails to provide a realistic scope of the project’s potential impacts.  The Army Corps should require Pebble to provide baseline information necessary to properly assess the impacts of mining activities during the full lifespan of the Pebble project. To request that the public engage in a process that lacks a full analysis of the projects potential impacts is misleading and a waste of time.

Please stand with Bristol Bay communities and the millions of Americans who have spoken up in support of protecting Bristol Bay and its world class salmon fisheries.  Without the necessary information to assess the impacts of Pebble’s proposed activities, it is impossible for the public to meaningfully comment on the proposed project. The Army Corps should reject Pebble’s permit application as incomplete.

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