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The HomeSchoolBabies company realized the tremendous need for the Baby Think It Over Program general public offering for the sake of teens and adults in their early twenties and has since begun offering this virtually exclusive program, available by-mail nationwide.

Shenandoah Valley, VA, United States., December 24, 2013 - (PressReleasePoint) -

HomeSchoolBabies nationwide "by-mail" rental clients will be able to experience parenting in their own homes - either because they elect to test-drive parenting or need to understand how difficult being a teen parent would be.  The rental program is heavily serving young people ages 13-18, but is now reaching markets of older adults seeking the program for a pre-parenting introduction.  HomeSchoolBabies has new rental programs that have been created to suit the needs of the ever changing clientele.  This infant simulator rental business is based on outcome-oriented experiences with rich hands-on lessons that textbooks could never provide.  The rental programs enable people to make well-informed decisions following the use of this incredibly well thought-out activity. The Baby Think It Over Program™ goal is quite simple; to encourage young people to experience a strong sense of parenting responsibility that encourages them to refrain from sexual activity and make responsible choices.

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HomeSchoolBabies leases an amazingly realistic baby simulator, RealCare® Baby, an award-winning simulator that helps to instantly bring lessons to life and offers an eye-opening glimpse of what it’s like to be the parent of a newborn baby.  The HomeSchoolBabies rental program has many leasing duration choices for clients to care for an infant simulator and see what it's like having to deal with a completely dependent baby that’s hungry, distressing, needs comforting, needs diaper changing, needs burping, or is happy to be well cared for.  This highly innovative learning tool is intended to help people understand the vital facts of parenting:  Every infant requires a great deal of time and attention, they are unpredictable and must be cared for promptly, and that being responsible for an infant greatly impacts the lifestyle and financial fortitude of a parent. The Baby Think It Over Program™ has proven to be enormously popular and effectively provides a life-long memory for all that experience it.  Rentals are delivered as a complete package in a box, including the items needed to care for the simulator and the educational material that accompanies it.  The educational material is comprised of important subject matter such as cost-accounting related to having a baby, pregnancy issues, substance use while pregnant, proper infant care, Shaken Baby Syndrome, care seat safety, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Care reports are downloaded from the simulator after it captures all of the care provided during the rental term.  The results are provided to the participants via email when the rental simulators are returned. 

The Baby Think It Over Program™ is an intense around-the-clock educational experience to discover the social, physical, emotional, and financial consequences of parenthood.   The program is in such high demand nationwide that HomeSchoolBabies has agreed to offer group rentals.  This additional rental program offering will provide schools and organizations the opportunity to take advantage of discounted rental pricing.  Some schools have already scheduled their rental program for the year 2014.  The Baby Think It Over Program™ has been in schools and organizations around the world since 1994, and since teen pregnancy is one of our nation's most talked about problems, the program will continue to evolve.

"We are excited to offer this program nationwide to the general public," says Micki Lee, Marketing Director of HomeSchoolBabies.  "Over the past couple of years we’ve worked closely with many organizations to learn what they were looking for and how we could help provide the service needed and expand the rental program to embrace adult participation accordingly.  The best reward is hearing the outcome of the simulation project from all ages."  The old saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds true with this project due to the nationwide expense incurred by teen pregnancy along with the heartbreak of lost opportunities for those teen parents, many of which inadvertently fall into life-long poverty.

HomeSchoolBabies Rental Programs & Recommended Rental Durations:

Day One Program –7-Day rental program providing infant care training for expectant adult parents; offered to individuals and parenting class participants.  Participant will be able to shut the simulator down during work or school hours.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program –4-Day rental program for teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting experience which includes hands-on infant simulator care and educational assignments with quizzes and beneficial reading pertaining to pregnancy and child care. 

Joyful Adoption Program –12-Day rental program which offers Hands-on parenting practice for adoptive parents and provides the opportunity to walk-through daily life changes while caring for an infant simulator before an adoption finalization.

Community Youth Program –Group rental offering for Parks & Recreation Departments, Church Youth Groups, Homeschool Groups, YMCA’s, Mental Health & Human Services, Child Abuse Prevention organizations, Girl Scouts, day camps, and overnight camps.  Several rental duration terms available.      

Caring Unlimited Program –12-Day rental offered to families with teens who are expecting a child.  With a firm understanding of the complexity of emotions that families face along with their teen, this program will grant teens the opportunity to realize the need to organize and prepare for their new baby with the emotional support of family and friends while caring for an infant simulator.

Twins Begins Now Program –7-Day rental offering twin simulators to parents that have a twin pregnancy and multiple birth expectant parents.

Smart Sibling Introduction Program -3-Day rental offered to families who have children who are expecting a sibling.  This is an excellent opportunity to teach the dos and don’ts of infant interaction.

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