Hood Tech Launchers Support New US Navy UAV Contract

The new HTL4.1 launcher from Hood Tech will help the US Navy as part of a new contract for the RQ-21A UAV.

Hood River, OR, United States., December 11, 2013 - (PressReleasePoint) -

Press Release
From:  Hood Tech Corp Mechanical, Inc., Hood River, Oregon
Date:  December 10, 2013
Subject:  Hood Tech Launchers Support New US Navy UAV Contract
Contact:  Cory Roeseler, Hood Tech Corp Mechanical, Inc., 541 387-2255, cory@hoodtech.com
The new Hood Tech HTL 4.1 launcher will support the UAV contract awarded recently by the US Navy (www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/12/navy-blackjack-drone).  The compressed air-powered HTL4.1 is extremely portable, features a small footprint, and is ideal for use in shipboard application.  Designed for launching UAVs in the 30-130 pound weight range, the HTL 4.1 includes corrosion-resistant components to survive the marine environment, and can receive electric power either from the ship or from trailer-mounted generators (www.hoodtechmechanical.com).
When in 2002 Hood Tech began producing innovative UAV launchers and retrieval systems for small UAVs, those innovations enabled the elimination of runways for launch and retrieval.  This freed aircraft for shipboard use, for deployment in irregular or disrupted landscapes, and for other difficult locations.  Showing their ruggedness and reliability, Hood Tech launchers have initiated tens of thousands of flights under the extreme environments of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and aboard ships in the oceans around the globe.
Dr. Andy von Flotow founded Hood Technology in Hood River, Oregon in 1992.  In addition to the design and manufacture of launch systems, Hood Technology:

  • Provides zip test services for pre-flight safety verification of experimental aircraft and components.
  • Owns and maintains a silent wind tunnel for measuring UAV engine and prop noise in accordance with MILSTD1474.
  • Develops, tests, and manufactures stabilized imaging systems for a variety of UAVs
  • Monitors blade vibrations in industrial turbines and jet engines, a diagnostic method for predicting possible future failures.

The Hood Tech web site is:  www.hoodtech.com

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