How to Create Traffic Online Using Press Releases II

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To speed up the publishing processing you could use a news wire service such as PR Newswire: there are plenty on the internet. Use your browser to find some and get their prices. If you want free publication approach individual newspaper or newsgroups. You could submit the source to Google News and your press release will have a chance of being published there. The more individual media contacts you can submit to the better.

Also submit your press release to blogs that are relevant to the topic of the release, and to any relevant social bookmarking sites. Record a podcast of the release and distribute through RSS syndication. It could be picked up by an interested news agency who may contact you. Check out your local press and send it there. Even if your press release is not deemed suitable by the national press or wire services, your local press might be willing to publish it.

This could be a county publication or even one based in your home town. Have you considered the themed press and magazines? Magazines are frequently a good contact for press releases on niche topics, and many newspapers have health and science sections, for example, where your press release might be more appropriate. Approach the sub-editors of these specific niche sections separately. They frequently have autonomy for the publications in their own news sections.

Whatever the steps you take to publish, keep tracking your sources. Check out what traffic your landing pages receive from each, and this will be a guide for your strategy next time. If you don’t know what publications are providing you with most traffic, you will find it difficult to optimize.

If you want to take advantage of every advertising opportunity open to you, you must learn how to create traffic online using press releases. It has massive potential to those who are able to use this medium properly and could open up a whole new untapped reservoir of traffic to your website.

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