How VMS Flexibility Helps Ensure Program Success

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We hear it from most every client: “But we’re different. In fact, we’re unique!”

And it’s true. Each client has their own particular workforce strategy and unique processes for managing temporary labor and the non-employee workforce. The process will be very different for IT temporary labor than for consulting projects or manufacturing workers, for example. It gets even more complex in a global context, where every region or country can have their own regulations and approach to temporary labor.

For enterprises, it’s critical for success that their VMS has the inherent flexibility and configurability to match the enterprise’s specific process, business-rule and data needs.

Here are a few examples of VMS flexibility that help deliver success for global and/or multi-category programs:

  • Organization hierarchy: Each business unit or country can have very different processes and business rules. An organization hierarchy allows each organization to have its own configurations where needed, while inheriting the standard policies from its parent organization.
  • Flexible invoicing periods: Many clients have preferred invoicing periods (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) and even different week-ending days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, etc.).
  • Additional data elements: Flexibility here means that the data elements can be of any type (including inter-dependent drop-downs), and are always reportable and integrate-able.
  • Screen layouts: Most importantly to end-users, being able to adjust screen layouts and rename anything on the screen – especially to simplify the user interface – is very helpful to enhance usability reduce change management.

At the same time, it’s also important to take advantage of best-practice process design and templates that incorporate the experience of hundreds of successful implementations. You’ll have the best success with a provider that brings best-practices to bear with an implementation approach that starts with your goals.

News Source : How VMS Flexibility Helps Ensure Program Success

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