iBuyWeSell is Celebrating It's 4th Birthday

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The International platform where environmentally conscious people gather to sell, buy, swap and giveaway pre-owned and unwanted belongings to people they know and trust, celebrates its 4th Birthday

Melbourne, Australia, April 2, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -

iBuyWeSell.com, an international company that serves more than 1.5 million people monthly and uses social innovation and social collaboration to create social change in 6 countries and 3 continents, celebrates its 4th birthday on April 1st, 2014. It’s focus on unleashing the potential of the second hand market depicted by encouraging people to use their smartphones and trade its unused/pre owned belongings with people they know and trust is a valuable contribution to reducing the waste and the environmental footprint that people leave.

“With social innovation we care to come up with the best way for usage of the modern technologies, so people and companies can easily connect and do good for the environment. Social collaboration is actually the way we encourage people to use the internet for connecting with their friends and exchange things instead of buying from strangers. Social change is really about the mindset that we want to “install” with our products and services that everything counts and that we are responsible for the environment and the next generations” said Bob Ilievski, CEO and Founder of iBuyWeSell.com

In a retrospective, here are the milestones and areas that iBuyWeSell.com reached in the past 365 days:


In the past year iBuyWeSell has partnered with different stakeholders in different verticals. iBuyWeSell believes that triggering social change through social collaboration and innovation demands engaging and partnering with different institutions that hold the attention of the dedicated verticals.

- Football clubs - New Fundraising Mechanism;

- Student organisations - Better student lifestyle, while reducing environmental footprint;

- Schools - Rethinking the Fundraising process for better education;

- Charities - Traditional Vs. Modern fundraising;

- Corporations - Helping corporations realize their corporate responsibility strategies.

Services and products

In the past 365 days iBuyWeSell.com developed and launched few niche Apps that needs to be mentioned.

- DressMe - an app that helps people to find the best piece of clothes with affordable price and also helping them sell their pre-owned clothes to people they know and trust.

- Antikz - personal assistant when it comes to buying or selling the best antique items out there - from people that are known and trusted.

- Bukzy - is a simple way to sell, discover and buy or swap books that are worth reading.

- Students Marketplace - a new, easy, fast and modern way for the students in Australia to sell, buy or swap belongings (books, bed, sofa, tables, chairs etc) or services (tutoring, writing, speed reading, foreign language classes etc) - directly from their smartphone.

- eStore Platform - currently available only in Australia, with the eStore solution the local business owners can start conducting more effective promotion of their products and services.


iBuyWeSell nurtures strong believe in communities. That is why, they’ve started investing and serving different communities:

- Business communities - leading and contributing to a vibrant and growing SME community in Melbourne, Australia - where business people gather every month to discuss and exchange business growth strategies, marketing blueprints and other success related ideas.

- Student Communities - currently initiating different activities that will help the young people use the new technology and improve their life while contributing for better, cleaner and safer environment.

- Social Communities/Causes - contributing and opening up towards communities that are organized around solving a specific environmental or social problem.

The future for iBuyWeSell will be even more dynamic. As stated at the beginning they are aiming towards creating bigger social change through social collaboration and social innovation. Living in the relationship economy, ibuywesell.com will be more and more present in different niches.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Melbourne, Australia, ibuywesell.com is the first company to offer businesses and consumers a free service where they can create, publish, search and manage their advertisements directly via mobile phone devices. The company is already a well‐recognised name in online marketing and the trade industry. In December 2010, ibuywesell.com was honoured with ‘the simplest and best application’ award in the Samsung Global Developer challenge. The global launch of this service is bound to maximise opportunities for finding prospects and will increase trade and profitability across the globe.


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April, 2014

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