Immoral Proposal: Interracial Couple Defies Apartheid for Love in South Africa

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At first, it may sound like a classic storyline of a movie on Lifetime Movie Network.

Toronto, ON, April 16, 2014 -(PressReleasePoint)- At first, it may sound like a classic storyline of a movie on Lifetime Movie Network. Rich, white boy meets less-fortunate, minority girl and they fall in love despite objections from family and friends. But what if they lived in South Africa in 1974 during the height of the apartheid? And what if the objection was from the governing laws, citing that such relationships were illegal? This is Immoral Proposal: Forbidden Love Under Apartheid, a memoir by Jennifer B. Graham.

Meet Jennifer and Michael Graham. In 1974, they both lived in South Africa. Michael was a well-educated white man, born into a life of privilege. Jennifer’s upbringing was on the other end of the socio-economic spectrum. She left school as the age of 16 and worked in a factory. Deemed non-black, non-white, yet “coloured,” she struggled to find a place to belong. The one thing Michael and Jennifer knew was that they were in love and they wanted to be together like any other couple - but their circumstances were not normal – in the eyes of the law, they were committing a crime.
“I started this book as a novel,” Graham says. “It seemed safer that way because it was too painful to face head-on. Progress was slow and the novel rang hollow, until a friend and fellow-writer suggested I write it as a memoir. I knew then however much I dreaded the thought, it was the only way forward, and the only way to peel back the layers of pretence.

Jennifer and Michael’s journey was not an easy one. Their love and dedication for each other was their driving force to overcome the obstacles of prejudice set forth under South Africa’s apartheid system.

Jennifer Graham was born in South Africa and lived in her homeland until she was 19 years old. She spent the years after that staking temporary roots in England, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. She earned a degree in communication/print journalism from the University of Mobile, Alabama. She is a well-published, freelance writer on a wide array of topics including: food, health, and travel.

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An Immoral Proposal: Forbidden Love Under Apartheid
By Jennifer Grahm
Shulemite Publishing
ISBN-10: 1493613812
ISBN-13: 978-1493613816
Available Online at and
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