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The Hebrew University is aware of the difficulties emerging from the security situation, and is making every effort to maintain a normal routine while adhering to Home Front Command guidelines.

Please be aware of the following procedures relating to exams and assignments, which are designed to minimally affect students:

Exam schedules:

— Faculty of Agriculture (Rehovot): From now until Friday (inclusive), there will be no exams. Further updates will follow.
— Jerusalem campuses: Exams are currently scheduled to take place as usual.

Postponement of deadlines for turning in assignments, and approval of alternative exam dates:

Students can obtain (a) a postponement of the deadline for turning in an assignment or (b) approval of a special date for taking an exam if they could not take it at the regularly scheduled ("Moed Alef" and "Moed Bet") times; under the following conditions:

— Reserve soldiers called up under emergency mobilization orders (Tzav 8);
— Soldiers called up as part of their compulsory or permanent military service;
— Residents of areas up to ​​40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip and confined to a fortified room;
— Students unable to reach the campus out of concern for their personal safety.

Under one of the above circumstances, the student can apply to the Academic Secretary for a special exam date, or submit a request to their teacher. The new dates for submitting coursework will be announced after the special security situation has ended.

We recommend trying to take your exams at the normally scheduled time, in order to avoid having to take a number of special exams in a short period of time.

In Case of Alarm:

If an alarm is sounded during an exam, you must go immediately to the protected space and follow the Home Front Command guidelines.  Following the alarm, you can either (a) immediately turn in your exam for grading, or (b) reschedule the exam for a later date.

Guidelines for how to act in case of an alarm, and a list of protected spaces on campus, can be found at

Support Hotline:

In light of the current events, the Dean of Students has opened a support hotline for students who need emotional support or psychological counseling. The hotline is open Sunday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 02-5882685.