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Posted on: August 9, 2018

Air Pollution Takedown

Fun Fact Thursday: Unnecessary idling affects human health, creates pollution, and wastes fuel and money. That's why AACOG has made it a mission to combat air pollution.  

Take a look at our #AIRPOLLUTIONTAKEDOWN to do list.  

  • Next time you need a new vehicle, consider buying one that is hybrid or electric.
  • Replace older, high-flow toilets with new, efficient toilets.

This month we are taking 50 actions and below are a few we have already mentioned.

  • Use your phone to check your route in advance. If it's congested, take a different route.
  • Avoid driving through construction areas where traffic is backed up.
  • Don't drive aggressively by accelerating quickly and braking hard.
  • Don't speed--drive the speed limit or less.
  • In heavy traffic, try to keep rolling slowly rather than repeatedly taking off from a full stop.
  • Reuse empty jelly jars, pickle jars, etc. to store leftovers, buttons, etc.
  • Substitute "peanuts" in gift boxes with shredded paper, newspaper, or useful items such as kitchen towels.
  • Combine errands in a single trip, starting with the farthest away.
  • Eat in at work rather than driving out for lunch.
  • Avoid idling while waiting for children at school.

Here's the good news…you can take simple actions to reduce idling and improve the region’s air quality. 

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