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An able life coach like Ramon Llamba can help one lead a truly fulfilling life. Great relationships don’t happen overnight but have to be worked upon to make them rocking and true. A good life coach helps one attain success at every level in life be it -Personal & Professional. It’s time one took control and be in the driving seat of one's life or simply waste time in negative emotions and slow one's progress. Ramon has helped several clients relax and lead a well-balanced life.

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(Press Release) - May 12, 2014 –New Delhi –

LIFE COACHING is a fairly new concept in India and one of the pioneers of this concept has been Ramon Llamba who has helped it become extremely popular over the past few years in New Delhi because of the transformation it enables. A lot of celebrities, those in enviable posts, famous athletes and movie stars engage the services of a life coach to ensure they are on the right track towards achieving their dreams and moving from one success to another.  Passionate therapists like Ramon Llamba have made life coaching, past life regression, hypnotherapy, cocunseling and guidance accessible because of which thousands of even other people have become interested in learning about this new phenomenon as the astounding results are for everybody to see.
In a recent interview Ramon said, “Mentally strong people avoid giving others the power to make them feel inferior or bad. They understand they are in control of their actions and emotions. They know their strength is in their ability to manage the way they respond. This is the basic concept I keep in mind and coach people accordingly. Many celebrities and CEOs of big companies come to my outfit Golden Age Transformation to get their life on the right track. With efforts from both sides, things begin to brighten in a few sessions.”
Life coaching helps one deal with everyday issues and major situations in all levels of life, it helps one to set oner own pace to accept and enjoy. It improves overall performance in all spheres, helps discover and live oner unique life purpose. Ramon helps her clients achieve more out of life while being relaxed, become the person one always wanted to be, solve issues that hold are holding one back, change negative emotions to positive ones, be happier and enjoy life to the fullest.
“It never really “clicked” before until several months ago when I had made a conscious movement in my life to raise my spiritual vibrations and “Awaken” my spirit, that our thoughts emit a very powerful frequency.  Everything positive or negative thought we put out there, the Universe works to manifest our thoughts into reality via the law of attraction.  Like attracts like…so in essence when we think a thought, we are attracting like thoughts to us. Our minds are constantly in think mode, whether we realize it or not…it’s a constant flow.  Because we are always thinking, we are always creating.  What we think about or focus on most, is what will appear in oner life in one form or another.  The more positive energy or thoughts we put out, the more good will manifest in oner life and likewise for the amount of negative energy or thoughts we put out. Life coaching helps simplify oner life and make it worth living,” further adds Ramon.
A life coach such as Ramon helps to set oner agenda  and prioritize what is important to one. She constantly helps one work with this agenda, and helps one to see the `dark spots’ which are blocking oner happiness.
About Ramon Llamba
Ramon Llamba is a life coach and business coach based in Gurgaon, India. Through her experiential understanding as a motivator she has touched the lives of many people & helped them find within themselves what they had been seeking outside them. She’s a Reiki Master trained under Ushui Shiki Rhoyo, Past Life Therapy from Dr. Brain Weiss, Life Coaching under Louis L Hay, Astrology and Vaastu from Lal Bahadur Shastri Vidyapeeth, Neuro Linguistic Programming from NFNLP – USA, Directive Communication and Business Coaching from American Institute of Business Psychology and Emotional Freedom and Technique from Vitality College.
Life Coaching helps one in the following ways:

  • It helps clarify oner intent
  • Learn how to manifest or create the energy that ultimately helps one get what one want to have quickly and easily
    • Identify internal conflict that’s blocking positive energy from being created and getting what one really want
    • Get educated on the power of affirmations and visualizations and how to make them work to gain oner goals
    • Understand reasons why people fail to achieve what they desire or lead a fulfilling life
    • Learn how oner belief system determines oner destiny
    • Use oner energy in all forms to direct oner life in the right direction

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