Inexpensive but Effective, Reliable and Technologically Advanced Eye-tracking Systems for Paralyzed

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EyeComTec releases ECTtracker - inexpensive but effective, reliable and technologically advanced eye-tracking system for people who are suffering from paralysis or significantly impaired mobility.

Geneva, Switzerland., April 24, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) -

ECTtracker (EyeComTec Tracker) is technologically advanced eye-tracking software that helps people with complete or partial paralysis to communicate. The ECTtracker is very customizable, portable and not greed to resources. It is designed to be fully working on any personal computer equipped with web-camera and capable of running Microsoft Windows OS (starting from XP).

ECTtracker can be used by people with different types of disabilities. It is completely customizable. It contains more than 45 settings which allow the user to define the video processing speed, image recognition structure, match boundaries of images, and configure the key codes that program will emulate and send to other applications.

Truly, 'eye trackers remain the sole common thread that allows the patient to communicate with others, express his emotions, and report physical health. The vast majority of patients at the polls select communication as the most important factor of their life. It is the only thing that gives them the hope and desire to continue to live and fight disease.'One of the most basic needs for most patients is the ability to communicate. Through communication, patients feel lively and useful to the community. It makes them feel motivated and relevant to those they love. However, majority of the patients do not have the opportunity to communicate with others once they get paralyzed with diseases. This is because they cannot meet the high costs of communication equipment nor hire services of assistants. Needless to mention that human assistants also get tired from the routine process of mediating the communication. Considering all said, inexpensive and effective eye-tracker is the solution for all these challenges.

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