The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to Inaugurate Engineer Chong Kee Sen as New President

Industry veteran to steer IES towards serving the increasingly diversified engineering fraternity as its 25th President

(PressReleasePoint) The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) will officially inaugurate Engineer (Er.) Chong Kee Sen, Director of civil and structural consulting engineering company Engineers 9000, as its new President during the institution’s 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM) tomorrow at the Kent Ridge Guild House. Er. Chong will take over the reins of the IES Presidency from Professor S.K. Chou, Executive Director of NUS Energy Studies Institute. His appointment will be for a term of two years (Sessions 2014/15 and 2015/16).

As the new President, Er. Chong has identified four main thrusts to propel IES forward and ensure IES’ relevance to the society and its members. The first thrust focuses on preserving the core values that have made IES what it is today and acknowledging the importance of its existing foundation. Secondly, IES will reach out and expand into the other engineering disciplines and industries so as to continue to meet the changing needs of the engineering profession and empower engineers to stay ahead as Singapore’s economy diversifies. Thirdly, Er. Chong seeks to engage young engineers, fuel their passion and retain them in the profession in the long term. The last thrust will be dedicated to enthusing bright young minds to go into engineering by providing them with hands-on opportunities that will stir their interest to choose engineering as a course of study and eventually embark on an engineering career.

“Engineering disciplines are becoming increasingly diversified, with new specialties emerging to support our economic growth and enhance our quality of life. IES seeks to stay ahead of our members’ increasingly complex and varied needs, by continuing to support the established engineering disciplines that form the core of our institution; while putting in place professional accreditation and other programmes that drive high engineering standards for engineers in the newer disciplines. Our aim is to engage engineers from all disciplines and serve their needs well so that they can make even greater differences to our economy and our people,” said Er. Chong.

“IES also recognises that the young generation is the engine that will drive Singapore’s next phase of growth. Our aim is to create platforms that will challenge young engineers to unleash their ingenuity and develop solutions for critical global issues confronting humanity in this millennium, and that will attract students to make a career out of engineering by showing them its exciting prospects and tremendous rewards,” added Er. Chong.

The outgoing President, Prof Chou, has made pivotal contributions to serve the interests of the society and the community during his term from 2012 to 2014. He oversaw the hosting of the inaugural World Engineers Summit 2013, a large scale conference congregating global thought leaders who addressed critical issues brought about by climate change. During his Presidency, Prof Chou also championed the launch of the IES Chartered Engineer accreditation programme, a milestone in establishing the recognition and qualification of professional competency of practising engineers. 

Under his leadership, IES delivered many initiatives that added value to IES membership and the engineering community, including partnering with PUB to launch the Handbook on Managing Urban Runoff and the ABC (Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters) Waters Professional Registry; steering the planning of and fundraising for the IES Building Redevelopment Project; and initiating dialogues with small- and medium-sized enterprises in the engineering sector to address their challenges.

Together with the IES Council, Er. Chong has also identified several key activities to be conducted over the next two years, including commemorating the achievements of engineers as Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday, establishing prestigious national level award to elevate the status of engineering and engineers in our society, and encouraging greater entrepreneurship and innovation targeting at the challenges of this millennium and greater entrepreneurship.

In addition, Er. Chong will also continue in his role as the Chairman of the IES Building Development Task Force and see the construction of the BCA Green Mark Platinum award-winning annex to its completion this year.

“The new IES building is a manifestation of IES’ commitment to our members to enhance our secretariat’s efficiency and to augment available space for professional development and networking,” said Er. Chong. “Beyond the beautiful façade, it will also be a building infused with green and sustainable design and construction. Its opening will signify a new chapter of growth for IES.

Er. Chong joined IES as a member in 1992 and became an IES Fellow in 2010. He has served on the IES Council for more than ten years, including being its Honorary Secretary for four years. Er. Chong was a key mastermind behind the industry-led accreditation initiative of Resident Engineers (RE) and Resident Technical Officers (RTO) and was the founding chairman for the Joint Accreditation Committee formed by IES, the Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) and the Building Construction Authority (BCA) for the registration of civil and structural REs and RTOs. He also co-chairs the development of SS 593: Code of Practice on Pollution Control in partnership with the National Environment Agency (NEA). Er. Chong also sits on various industry and government agencies committees as the IES representative.

A registered Professional Engineer since 1996 and an ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer, Er. Chong has executed various large-scale infrastructural projects including petrol-chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, combined cycle power plants, land reclamation and soil improvement projects, near shore marine structures and many other industrial and building projects.

Er. Chong has contributed significantly to his alma mater, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He currently serves in the NTU Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (NCEEAA) as its president, where he actively raises funds for bursaries and book prizes for needy CEE students. He has also assisted the NTU Admission Office with student admission interviews and is presently a member of the NTU program advisory committee for the B. Eng (Civil) program. The NTU acknowledged Er. Chong’s outstanding contributions in fostering closer ties between the Alumni and the university by presenting him with the NTU Nanyang Alumni Service award in 2008.

"Er. Chong’s long years of service and unstinting commitment to IES place him in good stead to take IES to greater heights. He is someone whom I have come to greatly admire as he is passionate, dedicated and determined about the cause of engineering. I am fully confident that Er. Chong will realise many immediate goals for IES over the next two years and lay a strong foundation for the future, and I urge all IES members to give him your strongest support," said Prof Chou.

“My council and I will navigate the course ahead with our eyes fixed upon IES’ vision of being the heart and voice of engineers. As it is the nature of engineers to dream big but plan realistically, I will focus on initiatives that will bring significant impact to our members and the community, while pushing IES beyond traditional boundaries to remain relevant to engineers from different fields,” summarised Er. Chong.

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About The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) was formally established in July 1966 as the national society of engineers in Singapore. IES is the premier engineering institution in Singapore and is called upon by the Government to provide feedback on professional engineering matters.

IES is well represented among the faculty members of the major engineering institutions of higher learning in Singapore. Through close collaboration with the local universities and polytechnics, IES organises courses, seminars and talks for engineers and IES members to advance the continuous development of engineers.
The Institution maintains close links with professional organisations of engineers regionally and throughout the world. These include organisations in Australia, China, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. The Institution also represents Singapore in the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO) and the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP) in promoting goodwill, fellowship and exchange of knowledge among all engineers in ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region.

Through its Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB), IES obtained full signatory status in the Washington Accord (WA) in June 2006. The entry grants IES the authority to represent Singapore, the first country within the ASEAN region which has obtained full signatory status in the WA, to vet education systems under the WA mutual recognition framework.

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