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Sean Brody Joins Staff As ISA Membership Manager

La Jolla, CA, July 14, 2014 – The International Surfing Association (ISA) is proud to announce Sean Brody as the new ISA Membership Manager effective Monday, July 14.

Brody has been an advisor to the ISA for the last 18 months on Africa Development, and he will now join the full time staff in La Jolla, California. Brody will report to ISA President Fernando Aguerre and Director General Bob Mignogna.

Brody is co-founder of Kwepunha Retreat, the first sustainable surf tourism operation in Liberia, where he assisted in the founding of the Liberian Surfing Association,
and has operated for the past 18 months as the ISA’s African Development Advisor. Pictured is Sean with a group of Liberian surfers after doing a beach cleanup and going for a surf. Photo Fonzi.

In his advisor position, Brody was asked to target the growth of ISA membership in Western Africa, where he was successful in developing Liberia, Sao Tome y Principe, Algeria, The Gambia and Nigeria into ISA members.

Using his Master’s Degree in Hospitality Tourism Management with an emphasis in Sustainable Surf Tourism, Brody has accrued a unique and valuable skill-set over the years, which prepared him for this management position in international surfing development.

“I am delighted to welcome Sean to his new position at the ISA,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “The combination of his personal experience in developing surfing in Liberia and his achievements in growing ISA Member Nations in Africa will help Sean as his sights will now be set on developing the sport globally.

Brody is a San Diego, California, native, and is the founder of the international non-profit organization, Surf Resource Network. He is co-founder of Kwepunha Retreat, the first sustainable surf tourism operation in Liberia, where he also assisted in the founding of the Liberian Surfing Association.

Sean Brody (right), during his time as ISA Africa Development Adviser, along with the President of Cape Verde, Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca. Brody delivered a presentation during the 2014 CISA Convention for African Sports Development, which was held in Cape Verde.

“I am honored to take on the role of Membership Manager with the ISA, and thrilled with the opportunity to connect my experience in community development with the ISA’s honorable mission to develop the sport of surfing globally. I look forward to utilizing what I have learned throughout my career, and especially during my time in Western Africa and Liberia, to help the ISA continue to create tangible benefits for current and prospective member nations world-wide.”

Brody attended the Africa International Sports Convention (CISA) the last two years, which is an annual gathering of National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry leaders from all the countries on the continent. At the 2014 CISA Convention, Brody delivered a presentation on the ISA’s vision for the growth of surfing on the African continent, and how Surfing can help stimulate and develop local economies by creating new jobs, growing tourism, creating a youthful public image, and generally being a catalyst to improving society.

He is also an accomplished photojournalist who has contributed to The New York Times, ESPN, The Surfers Journal, and many other acclaimed media outlets.

Sean Brody surfing the perfect left at Cotton Tree Point in Robertsport, Liberia. Photo: Fonzi

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