JDA Software to Showcase End-To-End, Next-Generation Retail Planning and Execution Solutions at NRF's Annual Convention

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JDA Software to Showcase End-To-End, Next-Generation Retail Planning and Execution Solutions at NRF's Annual Convention

Integrated store operations and distribution-centric supply chain enable retailers to profitably orchestrate a consistent, multi-dimensional brand experience in an era of synchronous shopping


Scottsdale, Ariz. – January 7, 2014 –

There has been a seismic shift in consumer behavior: consumers no longer “go” shopping; instead they are always shopping. Whether at work, in the store, on the sofa, or out and about, consumers use technology and mobility to research, browse, buy and socialize their shopping experiences across multiple retail touch points simultaneously, and to introduce shopping into every aspect of their daily lives. In response, retailers must transform their enterprise – from browsing to buying to fulfillment – in order to profitably and consistently engage shoppers and to exceed their expectations throughout the entire shopping journey.


Since its merger with RedPrairie in late December 2012, JDA Software, Inc. has been focused on bringing together the two companies’ product portfolios in five key areas that make JDA uniquely capable of helping retailers thrive in the era of synchronous shopping:

  • Unified customer engagement

  • Adaptive, consumer-centric offers

  • Flexible, real-time, responsive supply chain

  • Profitable distributed order management

  • Enterprise-wide demand shaping and forecasting

By mastering these five tenets, retailers can once again take control of the brand narrative and consistently orchestrate a consistent, and profitable, multi-dimensional brand experience throughout the shopping journey. 


“Retail’s most precious currency is its reputation,” said Wayne Usie, senior vice president of retail, JDA Software. “While control of the shopping journey has shifted to the consumer, retailers can still control the integrity of their brands – from product selection, quality and availability to delivery of every order to every customer on time – by anticipating customer desires, shortening the time to market, optimizing every interaction, and streamlining the entire order life cycle.”


During the upcoming National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention and Expo, January 12-15, 2014, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, JDA will showcase its ability to help retailers master the five tenets of retail in the era of synchronous shopping, including several innovations that leverage capabilities from both JDA and RedPrairie to streamline and optimize store operations and distribution processes.


Retailers must optimize the flow of commerce, from the distribution center to the store and to the customer, by linking shopping, browsing, sourcing and fulfillment strategies to capture every sale while simultaneously lowering the cost of inventory,” said Usie. “Success also requires mobilizing the workforce by providing the right tools to deliver real-time customer data, inventory visibility, and pricing transparency to better serve the customer, and we are excited to be able to showcase our latest innovations in these areas during the NRF convention. These innovations represent true value to retailers and also demonstrate the compelling value of the combination of solutions from JDA and RedPrairie.”

Integrated Store Operations

JDA has added task management, mobility, and industry-leading workforce management capabilities to its portfolio of solutions designed to optimize the store operation, and by doing so has created a powerful combination of assets that enable retailers to completely optimize every aspect of the store experience. As the role of the store continues to evolve, staff schedules can now be targeted to optimize all aspects of the experience, from selling to stocking to order fulfillment, as new schedule optimization capabilities optimize shifts in 15 minute increments based upon all demands on store personnel. New task management capabilities significantly expand store management’s ability to combine tasks that originate inside and outside the store to ensure the right people, with the right skills are assigned to the right tasks, at the right time. 


Fulfillment tasks can now be prioritized and monitored alongside merchandising, inventory, selling and recovery functions, and managers and associates alike can now manage their tasks, their schedules, and their priorities on their mobile devices for maximum flexibility, productivity and agility to help ensure that the store functions smoothly and profitably, and that every customer interaction has the highest possible chance for success.

Consumer-Centric Synchronized Supply Chain

According to A.T. Kearny, while 40 percent of consumers spent time shopping online, on mobile devices and by way of catalogs in 2013, retail stores still captured the majority of shopping time. With the store playing a critical role in driving customer experience, it’s imperative for retailers to invest in a customer-centric supply chain to achieve speed and profitably fulfill multi-channel demand.


Through its next-generation supply chain solutions, JDA brings together its transportation management and warehouse management solutions to deliver merchandise to the customer in the most efficient and profitable way. Through a new user interface and seamless workflow spanning replenishment, planning, transportation and warehouse execution, the JDA solutions make supply chain synchronization possible by keeping retail systems constantly communicating, sharing data and collaborating together to increase visibility and anticipate anomalies in advance.


These powerful capabilities enable retailers to dynamically orchestrate inbound and outbound inventory, assets, people and transportation, transforming the supply chain into a nimble, strategic opportunity for meeting consumer needs. Furthermore, visibility across the entire supply chain helps retailers to improve load building, scheduling, and review processes to make intelligent business decisions.

Schedule a Meeting with JDA

NRF attendees can visit booth #2719 to learn about these latest innovations and how JDA is tightly integrating supply chain planning and execution to help manufacturers, retailers and wholesale-distributors work together to master the five tenets of retail in the era of synchronous shopping. Private meetings can be arranged by sending an email to Info@jda.com.

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