JinYi deploys 300 Barco digital cinema screens

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Cinema exhibitor Guangzhou JinYi Media Corporation (JinYi) recently announced the installation of Barco three hundred digital B- and C-series cinema projectors. As part of the operation, JinYi will upgrade one hundred of its existing dual-projection systems to ensure continued outstanding image quality. What’s more, the projectors replaced in large movie theaters will be reused in smaller venues. The result is not only an overall improvement in image quality, but also a cost-effective solution for the exhibitor.


Cost-effective solutions

As one of the top five cinema franchises in China, JinYi operates around eight hundred screens—and still, the company faces increasing market demand. To meet this challenge, the company is investing heavily into medium-to-large theaters, creating a need for two hundred new projection systems. As part of its strategy, JinYi will also replace one hundred existing systems with units from Barco’s B series—including the ultra-bright DP2K-32B projectors. Thanks to Barco’s patented sealed engine and advanced DMD cooling system, these projectors ensure consistently amazing image quality in an easy-to-use modular design.

“We used to project films using dual projectors for our large screens,” explains Mr. Zhimao Xu, projection director at JinYi. “This upgrade allows us to deliver even better image quality. Moreover, the B series greatly helps us to cut cost in terms of operational and management investment.”

Optimizing resource allocation

JinYi is adopting Barco’s C series for its medium and small movie theaters. In addition to two hundred newly purchased projectors, many C-series projectors replaced by B-series units in JinYi’s large movie theaters are being reused without any performance degradation. “Barco’s fully modular architecture helps us optimize our cinema resource allocation,” says Xu. “In addition, the heightened performance and image quality are invaluable assets in coping with increasingly fierce competition. Add to that excellent local service, and the choice to use Barco was an obvious one.“

News Source : JinYi deploys 300 Barco digital cinema screens

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