The Journey of Cow Breed in North Central Timor

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People of North Central Timor are in front of the cows’ cage. Now, they breed their beef in a proper way so the value for each cow is rising.

Who knows that cow becomes the main commodity in North Central Timor. Local people get more benefits by breeding cows in a huge number. With that result, Timor has ever been famous as the most productive region in breeding cows.

The popularity of North Central Timor as well-known producer of cow in Indonesia slowly disappears because their production has decreased. The increasing number of local resident is the main cause. Moreover, they still breed their cattle in a traditional way. Cows are often abandoned to look for their own food in meadow. Most of productive cows are even massacred for traditional ceremony.

To bring back the image North Central Timor’s as the major producer of cows in Indonesia, it is necessary to take some preventive ways. This is what Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), a partner of World Vision Indonesia, office in North Central Timor gives attention to.

Group assistance is then selected to solve the problem. With this assistance, local people could learn each other. Leolboko farmer group in Lemon village, West Miomaffo sub-district is chosen as the first group to get this assistance.

The local residents then are trained and socialized so they could prepare the best for their cattle including food, cage procedure, and vaccination.

They are also trained to expand their business in order to increase their life standard. Each of group members is also asked to pay Rp. 2000 as monthly fee to buy vaccination and vitamins for cows.

The width of cattle feeding area is 1 hectare per member. If there is a cow dying from the owner’s carelessness, the group should change it with the live one. For marketing, it takes collective way to sell cows. 5 percent of sales revenue is allocated for children savings.

In 2013 fiscal year, 7 cows were sold with the total result Rp. 45.000.000 or Rp. 6.000.000 for each cow. Rp. 24.500.000 was allocated to buy new cows and shared to the members. The rest of money will be shared with 7 other farmers. Rp 700.000 will be saved for group’s needs and Rp. 1.750.000 will be saved for children’s future.

Damianus Fobia, the leader of farmer group is excited with the result and thankful to WVI office in North Central Timor for the help.

“I am very excited. Thanks to WVI office in North Central Timor for helping us and sharing knowledge to us so our business could be expanded and marketed and we get many benefits from it. We are very satisfied with the result. Once, we let our cows look for food in random places so they didn’t grow up well. Now, we know how to breed cows. We also realize how important saving money is for our children’s future,” he said.

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