Karen Villanueva Author Services

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PO Box 25061 Albuquerque, NM 87125-0061 United States

Serving authors and publishers, we get the word out about your book, area of expertise and touring information. We also provide media escort services, advertising leads, supplemental PR and set up book tours. 20 years in PR and 12 years specializing in book PR. We work with local, regional and national media on a tailored media plan to serve your needs.

Karen Villanueva Author Services offers a variety of services to new and multi-published authors. Whether you are in need of advice, setting up book talks and signings, developing a publicity plan, or seeking representation, we have the experience to meet your needs.

Our local, regional, and national experience can serve to help you cut through the maze of publishing and promotion concerns.

We work with you on a marketing plan and strategy that takes into account your budget, travel availability, and targets the appropriate media.

Depending on your marketability or prominence, publishers can and will do many things for you, but the ongoing promotion of your book is largely your responsibility. Our experience working with publishing house publicists has been very rewarding. The goal for us all is to get the word out about your book and promote sales.