Kase and Company Weekly Crude Oil and Natural Gas Price Forecasts Effective in Managing Volatility and Mitigatin Risks

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Kase and Company’s weekly forecasts offer near term outlooks for natural gas, WTI and Brent crude oil, gasoline, and diesel commodity prices. These forecasts guide energy traders to take the right approach to manage volatility and make profits. The key features of the Kase energy price forecast are a definition of exact support and resistance, odds of meeting each target, probable direction, and strength of the trend.

Cheyenne, Wyoming, January 10, 2019 - /PressReleasePoint/ - Energy commodities have a history of being volatile and are characterized by sudden fluctuations in prices. Anyone trading energy markets are required to figure out what the charts are showing, and identifying market direction and strength of direction. Kase energy market forecasts cover all of these key points and hence offers a highly accurate near-term outlooks for natural gas & WTI and Brent crude oil prices. Based on these energy price forecasts traders and market technicians plan their trading and hedging strategies and make timely decisions that match with their risk appetites and goals.

Kase StatWare Assist Traders Time Their Trades Well

To be able to make the right calls when trading energy commodities a lot depends how well and fast one can gauge the likely direction of the price. Even if you are a veteran of crude oil or natural gas it may not be possible to predict strength of the move and whether the trend will continue. Kase StatWare, a technical analysis trading indicator package developed by the company, has what it takes to ensure that the judgement is accurate. Kase StatWare is used by seasoned traders to interpret price movement and gauge the strength of trend. It assists traders to time their trades well, minimize risk and maximize profits while reducing the average buying cost.

About Kase and Company Inc.

Kase and Company Inc. provides weekly, subscription based crude oil and natural gas price forecasts, which are updated daily, and that also include one-on-one support. The Kase technical analysis forecasting methods and trading indicators allow traders to know where support and resistance are and where lower risk trades may be entered and exited. These weekly price forecasts allow traders to make informed trading decisions.

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