KBC Media Relations

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639 S. Spring St. Suite # 5B Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA.
Ph: 856- 42-8221
Fax: 856- 42-8076

Karen Ammond is President of KBC Media Relations. With over 14 years of Media Relations experience, Karen has become an expert in the high profile story. As a publicist she has repeatedly made people and issues famous overnight.

Karen has handled some of the country's high visibility campaigns and media tours. Her clients include the Entertainment Industry, Actors, Bands, Film and Television Projects, Producers, Directors, Red Carpet Events, Film Premiere’s and CD launches and Film Festival Publicity. She and her team also handle, Authors - Book Tours ," In the News Stories" , Corporate Accounts, Sports, Political, Nonprofit Charitable Organizations and High Profile Individuals.. KBC media events receive extensive coverage throughout North America and Europe.

KBC Media Relations specializes in publicity for small - medium businesses and entrepreneurs. Our media contacts are national and we work with each client to reach their target audience. We offer affordable PR programs geared towards your budget. We also offer Media Express Services..no retainer fees..prof. writing of your releases and submission to our vast database.