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CohoDesign, 38910 Northwoods Drive, Wadsworth, IL 60083 - 9223.
Phone: 847-662-6400
Fax: 847-463-0579

In the web business since 1995 - an eon in technology time - we have gained much experience working with small to medium-sized businesses and organizations. From the start, we have maintained a dedicated focus on exploring the expanding uses of web technologies - as they relate to our customers - while providing quality customer care.

Watching the big boys (and girls), we re-interpret their underlying technologies and apply our custom components with an eye to smaller business scenarios. We don't do high budget meetings. We don't entertain in fancy offices. We don't do glossy samples. In short, we don't take you to the cleaners.

By leveraging our years of experience, we tightly integrate the disciplines of business consulting, technology, design and program management, delivering solutions that will meet our customers' needs at a cost they can afford.