Kenya teaches sexuality education to Burundi

Teachers from Burundi are in Nairobi to learn from their Kenian colleagues about comprehensive sexuality education and how it can best be taught in secondary schools. From 15 to 18 July a group of potential teacher trainers from Burundi are in Nairobi to visit the Centre for the Study of Adolescence (CSA). This Rutgers WPF partner organisation is implementing the comprehensive sexuality education programme the World Starts with Me (WSWM) in schools in Kenya.

K24, a national TV station in Kenya reported on the knowledge exchange between Burundi en Kenya in both English and Swahili.


WSWM is a rights-based comprehensive sexuality education programme for young people between 12 and 19 years old. The programme teaches boys and girls to understand and respect their own body and that of others. It empowers and supports young people to make safe and informed choices about their sexuality and reproductive health.


Burundi is in the top ten of countries with the youngest population. Yyoung Burundians face serious challenges in addressing their sexual and reproductive health. Sex and sexuality are taboo subjects, contraception and family planning is frowned upon and schools lack a sexuality education curriculum. As a result there are many unintended pregnancies, often as a result of forced or transactional sex. The number of illegal and unsafe abortions is high.


WSWM aims to address this information gap and counterbalance gender based violence and misconceptions around issues such a pregnancy and HIV. In Burundi the curriculum is part of BIRATURABA! – It Concerns Us -  a joint programme of CARE and Rutgers WPF. BIRATURABA! wants to contribute to gender equality and to improve the sexual and reproductive  health of young people in Burundi.